McAfee announces latest consumer security portfolio

McAfee has announced its latest consumer security portfolio that includes enhanced products with better user experiences and new features, including

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McAfee has announced its latest consumer security portfolio that includes enhanced products with better user experiences and new features, including integrated social media and tech scam protection. Meeting consumers in their current realities, these new functionalities are designed to protect users from current threats as they navigate professional and personal life from home.


“With the convergence of home, office and school, today’s consumers need an end to end device and web protection that secures every aspect of their digital lives,” said Venkat Krishnapur, vice president of Engineering and Managing Director, McAfee India. “Tailored to the increasingly connected world in which we live, McAfee’s evolved a product suite is a holistic approach to securing every facet of the connected consumer’s life.”

Security and Privacy Get a Boost

McAfee Labs found an average of 375 new threats per minute via malicious apps, phishing campaigns malware, and more, according to its McAfee COVID-19 Threat Report: July 2020. To address these threats and combat emerging coronavirus-related scams, McAfee’s product lineup includes the following updates and enhancements:

  • Tech Scam Protection: McAfee WebAdvisor now provides a warning when visiting websites that can be used by cybercriminals to gain remote access to your PC, combatting the reported 128 crores total online fraud loss in India.
  • Advanced Malware Detection: McAfee enhanced its machine learning capabilities to improve overall time to detect emerging threats across devices as well as added protection against file-less threats.

Improving Customer Experience

Consumers default to convenience over security, making protecting themselves online an afterthought until it is too late, and they become compromised. Despite the increase in online frauds during the pandemic, online payments in India have soared, with UPI (Unified Payment Interface) recording close to 1.5 bn transactions in July 2020.


At a time where returning to previous routines is still uncertain and internet usage continues to climb, McAfee recognizes consumers need intuitive solutions that allow them to devote attention to what matters most to them right now, including:

  • A Better User Experience: An improved PC and app experience with easier navigation and readable alerts, and clear call to actions for faster understanding of potential issues.
  • Updated Password Protection: Access iOS applications even faster with automatically filled in the user account information and passwords in both apps and browsers on iOS devices.

Safety Now – and Into the Future

As consumers globally continue to settle into a new way of operating, they rely on the internet to live their connected lives- to get work done, seek entertainment, connect with friends and family, conduct purchases, schooling, and more.

  • Optimized Product Alerts: Redesigned product alerts, so consumers are better informed about possible security risks, with a single-click call to action for immediate protection.
  • Social Media Protection: To help prevent users from accidentally visiting malicious websites, McAfee now annotates social media feeds across six major platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, and LinkedIn.
  • Enhanced App Privacy Check: Consumers can now easily see when mobile apps request personal information, with app privacy now integrated into the main scan of Android devices.