McAfee at MPOWER 2019 Releases New Research and Product Updates

At McAfee’s annual  MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit,  2019, CEO Chris Young unveiled new updates & innovations to the company’s enterprise security suite.

  1. McAfee announced ‘McAfee MVISION Insights’ – an industry first initiative, to address the security concerns of the cloud by converging the capabilities of its award-winning McAfee MVISION Cloud, McAfee Web Gateway, and McAfee Data Loss Prevention offerings—all to be available through the MVISION ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform—to enable a borderless IT environment. With McAfee MVISION Insights, security operators will be able to –
  • Track attacks globally across the entire attack surface (endpoint, network, cloud)
  • Analyse and prioritize risk so security teams don’t have to
  • Proactively defend against attacks most likely to target their organisation

“Data and applications have shifted to the cloud, but secure cloud adoption has proved to be elusive for organizations as they struggle with limited security resources along with environments and tools that require news skills for security professionals,” said Anand Ramanathan, vice president of product management and marketing at McAfee. “The volume of critical enterprise data will continue to grow alongside cloud adoption which will require organisations deploy the right data protection tools while also reducing the complexity of security to more easily help enable increased employee productivity.”

“Enterprises are seeking to reduce complex security infrastructure by replacing traditional, on-premises security appliances with cloud-delivered security solutions,” said Robert Westervelt, research director at IDC Data Security Practice.“The convergence of security solutions that traditionally have functioned independently willimprove an organization’s security posture by creating security defenses that work cohesively to defend against attacks. But even more importantly, this convergence will help ease the burden of managing security and compliance across hybrid and multi-cloud environments which is one of the most significant challenges enterprises face today.”

McAfee introduced Unified Cloud Edge – an industry first initiative at MPOWER, to address the security concerns of the cloud by converging the capabilities of its award-winning McAfee MVISION Cloud, McAfee® Web Gateway, and McAfee® Data Loss Prevention offerings—all to be available through the MVISION ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform—to enable a borderless IT environment. This convergence enables security professionals to reduce risk and increase productivity for organizations as they move to secure cloud adoption. Key benefits that Unified Cloud Edge will include –

  • Comprehensive visibility and consistent controls over data from device to cloud
  • Unified policies, incident management, investigations, workflows, and reporting for cloud, network, and endpoint data protection
  • A new level of simplicity regarding threat and data protection administration
  • Consistent defenses against cloud-scale threats by analyzing billions of events with machine learning for devices everywhere
  • A consistent user experience when dealing with the security of sensitive data in multiple environments

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