McAfee ties-up with CERT-IN

DQC Bureau
New Update


APRIL 3, 2007


Security solutions provider, McAfee Inc. announced that it has tied up with

CERT-IN, the Indian Computer Emergency Response team, to provide advice and

support the Indian Department of Information Technology (DIT).

“India is a prolific force in information technology and this partnership

only reinforces McAfee's commitment to providing value through its global

expertise in the field of anti-malware,” said Kartik Shahani, Regional

Director, India, McAfee.

Currently McAfee is the anti-malware advisory partner of record for CERT-IN

for the DIT, Government of India, McAfee said in a statement.

CERT-IN evaluates the potential threats in the environment and provides

proactive advice to the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Government

of India on security parameters. CERT-IN also provides technical advice to

system administrators and users to respond to computer security incidents.