Mega Blood Donation Camp by the IT Partners of Jodhpur

Mega Blood Donation Camp by the IT Partners of Jodhpur for the social cause to save human lives in their immediate surroundings

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Blood Donation

The partners of the computer and IT fraternity  of  Jodhpur on 26 Feb 2023  came forward and successfully  arranged   a  grand  blood  donation camp, which they regard as the most noble  social cause  for the  mankind  in need.  There  were  185  units of  blood  collected  and handed  over  to the  local  government medical facilities viz., Umaid  Hospital,  where  it would  be  utilised  for their  requirement during  maternity and childbirth. Further, several units  were  handed over  to  another  government hospital called MDM Hospital,  where  it  would  be  utilised  for  the  patients of thalassemia  and others. 


The joy of  giving  the blood inspired  the Jodhpur Computer Dealers Association team  of young and energetic  computer and IT fraternity of Jodhpur.  They  decided  to  use and manage  this  database  for  any future  immediate  requirement of blood.  The JCDA members are   all  set  to  repeat  such  activity  once  in  a quarter. Members  of  the  age of  55 plus  also  actively participated in this social cause  and donated  their blood. It is  true and said  that people usually donate because it feels good to help others and altruism and volunteering have been linked to positive health outcomes, including a lower risk for depression and greater longevity.

At the  blood donation camp,  the process  was  well  managed; welcome by applying vermilion and sandal marks on their foreheads as tilak,  selfies were taken of the entire team,  PIC of  individuals was  taken and coloured  certificate  of  appreciation having PIC of  individual  was  issued to  each  donor immediately after the process.  JCDA also  arranged unlimited fresh  juice,  Tea, coffee with  cookies  and snacks  for  all  the  donors, medical  staff, members and volunteers  present  there.  IT partners  were able to sit together  for a  long time and interact in this  camp and discussed about their future endeavors.

This blood donation event was  well managed  by the team of Puneet Daga, Devendra Parihar, Sanjay Sethia, Vinod Dave, Satish Shah, Anil Pungalia, Girdhari Rajwani, Sunil Vaishnav, Inder Kumar, Sunil Parihar, Vishal Mathur, Virendra Bhati, Praful Sethia, Vinod Bhandari, Ramesh Prajapat, Surendra Kumar, Rahul Kumpawat etc.  The  presence of Basant Mehta, Vinay Gupta, Anand Mundra, Amber Pahwa, Sanjeev Monga, Sajjan Gehlot, Ramesh Loonker, Pankaj Moondra, Rajesh Pungalia, Kailash Gupta etc. enhanced  the enthusiasm of all the members.

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