Microsoft India: The Game Changers

Monopoly is a word that has often been used for Microsoft in the world of business. Since more than three decades back when Bill Gates pioneered Windows (many critics still pan it as a bad Steve Jobs ripoff), Microsoft has been the de-facto OS on every foreseeable screen on this planet. And the history thereafter has been littered with Microsoft crushing competitors and monopolizing a particular domain. The battle for the browser in the late 90s when Internet Explorer edged out Netscape Navigator is a typical example.

The irony is that Microsoft’s own thunder has been stolen by the new benchmark of monopoly (it goes by the name Google). Google Android for handheld devices has earned itself the distinction of being this era’s most popular interface between man and machine. And this increasingly is a game Microsoft is losing out.

This was precisely the reason the $87 billion software major purchased more than one year back Nokia’s mobile phone division for $7.2bn ; nonetheless Microsoft has but a 3% sliver of the global market for handsets. No wonder therefore that just ahead of the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella outlined a gameplan for the handheld era.

Nadella announced a triple-point action plan. Firstly, Windows 10 was projected to be versatile enough to operate on every kind of device to get one “unifying experience”, as he put it. Second, the company has some clever software applications and platforms up its sleeve to enhance efficiency in new ways, a play for tech-savvy usage at the market’s upper end. And lastly, it aims to set up a ‘smart cloud’, presumably with enough memory space and processor power to wirelessly enable heavy-duty applications.

While the jury is still out on whether this will restore Microsoft’s monopoly in an increasingly Google-fied world, the fact (and this even the stringent Microsoft bashers cannot deny) of the matter is Microsoft has not just redefined its own paradigm but if it succeeds could possibly re-shape the entire world of technology.

Microsoft India: FY15 Bird’s Eye View

With Satya Nadella at the helm, Microsoft India continues to be an important cog in the company’s overall wheel. Microsoft India continued its growth momentum during the fiscal 2015 in the Indian market with a solid 19% growth. The global leadership continues to bet big on India and with Nadella’s growing focus on India (especially after the meet with PM Modi in San Jose) has helped the company renew its focus with big investments in the country that will help Microsoft to double its business from different verticals including the government. Eyeing a big chunk of government business in India, Microsoft earlier last year announced an investment of Rs 1,400 crore to set up three datacenters in India.

Microsoft will therefore be able to provide data storage within the country for various government and other organizations. The move is expected to provide an edge over the other software vendors who are still exploring opportunities to set up datacenters in India. The datacenters are expected to help the company to expand its Azure business in India.

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