'Microsoft Lao, Haath Bachao'

DQC Bureau
New Update


January 24th, 2008


Microsoft Hardware has launched a first-of-its-kind revolutionary campaign

'Microsoft Lao, Haath Bachao' in Bangalore, and in 11 other cities to create

awareness about the importance of using ergonomically designed products.

As part of the campaign, Microsoft Hardware is staging plays in key

commercial places across 12 cities to educate people about the importance of

using ergonomically designed products.

The company will also run a special exchange offer for customers, wherein

they can exchange their existing mice and keyboards to purchase the

ergonomically designed products from Microsoft Hardware.

"Through our campaign 'Microsoft Lao, Haath Bachao', we aim to

communicate the importance of taking care of oneself especially one's

hands," said Mohit Anand, Country Manager, Microsoft Entertainment and

Devices Division. "During this campaign we are also providing special

exchange schemes for our customers to buy ergonomically designed products in

exchange for their old mice and keyboards." he added.

"There has always been a demand for Microsoft Hardware's product.

Through this campaign, more people will be educated about the importance of

using ergonomically designed products," said Sanath Babu, MD, Sri Durga

Computech, Bangalore. "The special exchange offer introduced by Microsoft

Hardware in line with the campaign will attract more customers and will help in

sales as well," he added.