Microsoft pushes SMBs to convert to licensed software

DQC Bureau
New Update

Microsoft (MS) in its bid to convert unlicensed software into the licensed

version is engaged in a campaign targeted at corporates and SMBs. It first

enquires about the number of systems that these companies have. Once it has

the ratio of PCs  to office licenses, MS issues a letter asking these

companies to convert their unlicensed software into the licensed version.  "It's an ongoing process for the company as they want to convert their big

clients towards the licensing model. But recently it has started focusing on

companies having just one or two systems as it doesn't want to lose money on

any counts," reveals a reseller. 


Market sources claim that the software major has procured large amount of

databases, from government sources, on SMB organizations that are using MS

software. These companies are then targeted with MS licensed software to  generate

additional revenue.  

MS insists that it is not rushing with the conversion to licensed software

conversion, but is educating customers on its benefits. Even resellers have

been asked to convert to licensed version soon or face its wrath.