Microsoft's Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection for Windows

DQC Bureau
New Update

Microsoft Game Studios launched the Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection for Windows. It features all the animals from the original Zoo Tycoon and the Dinosaur Digs and Marine Mania expansion packs. 


This new collection also has a bonus feature–the all new Endangered Species Theme Pack. It features 12 animals on the endangered and/or threatened species list such as orangutans, whale sharks and Komodo dragons. Zoo keepers can tend to these rare animals using more than 40 new objects based on four new themes. A portion of this bonus content is now available to current Zoo Tycoon players at

In this game, would-be zoo keepers have more than 100 animals and 500 building objects. They also have an option to set up their own aquatic show, launch an expedition to recover escaped dinosaurs or build a habitat for an endangered species. 

With access to many specialized staff such as zoo keepers, scientists, and marine specialists, Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection lets virtual zoo keepers mix and match animals and themes to create and manage a zoo. This comes for retail price of Rs 2,499.

Contact: Rajiv Nair, Country Manager,Microsoft Corporation India,70, The Great Eastern Center, Nehru Place,

New Delhi - 110 019.

Tel: 011-6294600/01