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MicroWorld Joins the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

MicroWorld is now part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. In order to provide their customers with security of the highest quality with fewer integration challenges, Microsoft has brought together an ecosystem of cybersecurity providers to integrate their technology with Microsoft security products. As a Microsoft gold partner, joining the Association strengthens MicroWorld’s work with Microsoft.

“We are ecstatic to join the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. To share our next generation technology with Microsoft is a revered honor.

We look forward to helping users across the world to have a safe computing experience,” Said Govind Rammurthy, Managing Director & CEO of MicroWorld technologies Inc.

Joining the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association enables MicroWorld to market their eScan family of antimalware products, through Microsoft Azure Marketplace and take advantage of a number of member co-marketing benefits.

MicroWorld will provide products that are rich with breakthrough features like MicroWorld Winsock Layer (MWL), Non-Intrusive Learning Pattern Technologies(NILP), Security Network, Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine (PBAE an Anti-Ransomware Technology), Safe Web computing and Parental Control to Microsoft customers.

“It has been incredible to see the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association grow since its inception. We are elated to continue that growth by welcoming MicroWorld into our ranks” Ryan McGee, Director of Microsoft Security Marketing at Microsoft Corp said.

He added, “MicroWorld’s commitment to security aligns with our goal to protect both MicroWorld and Microsoft customers from new and evolving cyber threats.”

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