More than 300 million people SHAREit in India!

SHAREit, one of the companies from China that entered the Indian market, introduced its netizens to fast sharing

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SHAREit, one of the companies from China that entered the Indian market, introduced its netizens to fast sharing. The service has received wide acclaim among the subcontinent’s Internet users. In just a few years, SHAREit has gained more than 300 million loyal users across India.  The ability to rapidly gain an overwhelming majority of the market is closely related to the current situation of the internet industry in India.


Like in many countries, a variety of historical factors have conspired to create the underdeveloped status of the internet infrastructure across India. In rural areas, people complain about the lack of access to the Internet, while in urban areas such as Bangalore, the dense population has led to a slow internet connection speeds.

SHAREit has solved the challenge of sharing over networks hobbled by slow connections, allowing users connected to each other to share their favorite movies, music and apps more quickly, more efficiently and more securely.  A product that performs is one that is likely to be shared. SHAREit has shown that it can improve efficiencies at work and at home, and its established services are favored by users across a variety of communities. In addition to using SHAREit for their own uses, many users share it with their friends and relatives. The high level of popularity among users has led it to being referred to more than once as “India’s National App”.

Strongerr performance in the global market than in India.


Since the company’s inception just a few years ago, SHAREit has more than 1 billion users. The growth rate is faster than industry expectations. SHAREit has been invited to several international conferences in 2016.  As the cyber world moves from desktops to mobile, the monopoly of existing channels has not stopped the emergence of new internet giants. Anyone and any company stands a chance of being successful.

The secret of success is constant: “only by continually engaging in R&D, improving core products, seeking the ultimate user interaction experience, and putting customers first in everything you do, will users be moved to like you, support you and help you grow.”


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