More than 50% Indian firms will adopt Cloud infrastructure

With a rising Cloud adoption in India, more than 50 per cent of companies plan to run their business on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) over the next three years, said a news report.

Indian businesses are rapidly embracing cloud infrastructure to boost performance and innovation levels, new research from global Cloud major Oracle revealed.

“With new, modern cloud infrastructure services available and increased experience, we are now seeing high levels of success and satisfaction from businesses that are saving money, cutting complexity and driving exciting innovation,” said Subash Nambiar, Vice President-Cloud Platform, Oracle India.

Over three quarters (79 per cent) of businesses in India that are already using IaaS to some extent, said it makes easier for them to innovate.

For them, moving to IaaS has significantly cut their time to deploy new applications or services.

Furthermore, 76 per cent said IaaS has significantly cut on-going maintenance costs and 75 per cent replied businesses not investing in IaaS will increasingly find themselves struggling to keep pace with businesses that are.

“With innovation being a primary focus, most organisations are moving from on-premises infrastructure to a service-based model,” added Mitesh Agarwal, Vice President-Solution Consulting and CTO, Oracle India.

While negative perceptions around security, complexity and loss of control still present barriers to adoption, these factors are fast becoming outdated myths, with those that have moved to IaaS proving the reality is far more positive, the research noted.

It also found that experienced users are almost twice as likely to believe IaaS can provide world class operational performance in terms of availability, uptime and speed, compared to non-adopters.

Although some fear the move to IaaS may be complicated, 64 per cent of experienced IaaS users said the move was easier than they expected.

Most Indian respondents agreed IaaS will have a role to play in their business within three years, with 51 per cent saying they will run most – or all of their business IT infrastructure using IaaS.

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