Chatbot launched as a landing page establishes Chatbot as landing page for Indian BFSI sector, a brainchild of Pratik Jain, Vipul Garg, Niyati Agarwal and Abhishek Gupta sets out to transform messaging as the most active channel of engagement between businesses and customers for marketing and selling their products and services. has introduced the concept of ‘ChatBot as a landing page’ which helps industry players especially BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) to use chatbots as a landing destination for their ads to drive instant engagement and collect high quality leads. empowers the businesses to provide their services in conversational form to their existing customer base with a strong focus on marketing and sales, which stand as a key differentiator for the organization from its competitors. also offers strategic consultation to share their expertise in chatbot creation with the clients.

“Banking and Financial industry is conventional when it comes to leveraging technologic innovations in their daily operations, but these innovations can save costs, improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. In lieu to this, chatbots are playing an important role in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the industry output. has created this revolution in lead generation for Banking and Financial sector. Personalised, one-on-one conversations can do wonders in  improving lead quality and drive more sales” adds Pratik Jain, Co-founder,

The chatbots can be deployed on Facebook, Twitter, Website; Mobile app. supports powerful features like human fallback, natural language processing, live training, real-time analytics, support for API call, Google sheet, CRM integration, custom code etc. to have full flexibility with the chatbots..


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