Motorola Partners with Vi to Enable 5G in its Smartphones

Motorola Partners with Vi to Enable 5G in its Smartphones in order to offer 5G connectivity in its devices across all ranges

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Vi, a telecom operator has been building a wide range of India-specific use cases for enterprises and consumers of tomorrow with the goal of giving its customers a better-connected future by showcasing the revolutionary and endless possibilities that 5G would offer. To further accelerate the development of the 5G ecosystem in the nation, Vi has partnered with Motorola to ensure seamless 5G connectivity across its extensive 5G smartphones portfolio.


With the association, Motorola has successfully tested its latest and most popular smartphone models on 3350 to 3400 MHz spectrum bands on Vi 5G network in New Delhi.

Commenting on the partnership, Avneesh Khosla, CMO, Vi said, “Vi remains committed to playing a significant role in realising the Digital India dream. We are happy to partner with Motorola in one more step towards our 5G roll out. We believe that the partnership will help develop the 5G device ecosystem, helping more Vi customers upgrade to a superior 5G ready smartphone in time for service roll out”.

Vi has been working with technology leaders, domain experts, start-ups and device OEMs to develop India specific 5G use cases for consumers and enterprises.


Motorola's 5G smartphone portfolio in India is comprehensive and cuts across multiple smartphone segments, including mass, mid and premium. The brand has lived by its promise of providing uncompromised, 5G support for all its 5G smartphones, which includes support for 11-13 5G bands, by far the highest in the industry. Additionally, the entire 5G portfolio including affordable 5G smartphones such as moto g62 5G from Motorola come with advanced hardware and software capabilities to deliver the most reliable, fast, secure and comprehensive 5G coverage through technologies like 3 Carrier Aggregation, 4X4 MIMO and more.

Speaking on the occasion, Prashanth Mani, Executive Director, Motorola Asia Pacific said, “At Motorola, we believe in delivering meaningful consumer innovations. Motorola smartphones give an exceptionally reliable, optimized and fast 5G experience across price points, staying true to our commitment of giving the most comprehensive, no compromise 5G smartphone portfolio to Indian consumers with support for up to 13 5G bands, across price points. We are delighted to partner with Vi with a vision to take 5G to millions of Indian consumers.”

Motorola offers incredibly efficient and affordable connection options across range. The brand has as always raised the bar to ensure that 5G experience on their smartphones is truly the best in the industry – with exceptional reliability, optimisation, coverage and security, with industry-leading speeds and higher coverage in both urban indoor and rural areas.


Motorola 5G devices support all-India 5G bands, irrespective of price tier, so that everyone is assured of reliable connectivity. They ensure higher coverage in both urban and rural areas. Motorola can optimise your device to provide you with the best experience and performance because of its extensive knowledge of 5G and Al. Additionally, a seamless switching algorithm between 5G bands enables you to take advantage of uninterrupted talks with better and enhanced coverage.

To save all the trouble faced while switching network, motorola brings optimised battery behavior for better battery backup. The overall performance avoids thermal rise while you continue to enjoy high gaming experience, heavy downloads, and multi-tasking. The flexible choice of mid and higher range of 5G bands enables to have higher and better coverage and better penetration with higher coverage capability. Now one can easily enjoy high speed 5G experience while in metro, indoors, basement, or further away from 5G tower.

Motorola 5G devices enabled with Vi 5G include Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, Motorola Edge 30 Fusion, Moto G62 5G, Motorola Edge 30, Moto G82 5G, Motorola Edge 30 Pro, Moto G71 5G, Moto G51 5G, Motorola Edge 20, Motorola Edge 20 Pro, Motorola Edge 20 Fusion.

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