Motorola to launch new WiMAX chipsets

DQC Bureau
New Update


AUGUST 30, 2006


Motorola has announced a strategic initiative to develop mobile WiMAX

chipsets for use in Motorola's next-generation WiMAX devices.

This investment in chipset design demonstrates Motorola's on-going

commitment to WiMAX and expands the company's role as a leader in end-to-end

WiMAX solutions beyond infrastructure and handsets to the core implementation of

WiMAX in chipsets.

Ron Garriques, President of Motorola's Mobile Devices Business, said,

"For some time now Motorola has been investing in the development and

deployment of WiMAX -- from infrastructure to advanced silicon. In our vision of

seamless mobility, WiMAX will help transform the mobile communications

experience for everyone. Enhanced speed for data, as well as cost efficiencies

and network optimization for wireless operators are just some of the benefits

that are fueling excitement and accelerated adoption of WiMAX across the


Motorola's initial chipset will focus on core 802.16e mobile WiMAX

functionality supporting voice, video, and data for low power mobile

applications in handsets and modules. These first chipsets are scheduled to

support commercial Motorola WiMAX devices in 2008 for carriers in North America,

Japan and around the world including Sprint and others. Motorola is working with

its silicon vendors on the overall fabrication of the new chipsets.