Mphasis introduces HyperGraf for big data analytics

Mphasis, IT services provider, announced the launch of the first Mphasis Next Labs solution ‘HyperGraf. HyperGarf is for enabling real-time decision making. An omni-channel digital 360 solution, HyperGraf provides the most comprehensive, accurate, real-time and actionable customer engagement insights across millions of data points spread over multiple customer engagement channels.

HyperGraf is cloud based, incorporates in-depth domain expertise, is flexible, customizable and requires no upfront investments,” said Jai Ganesh, Vice President & Head at Mphasis Next Labs.

 Mphasis Next Labs is a strategic initiative by Mphasis to research and innovate on emergent and future paradigms. HyperGraf enables enterprises to innovate and make strategic decisions by analyzing content, collaboration and commerce networks.



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