MS seeks association support to curb piracy

DQC Bureau
New Update

New Delhi: With the objective to curb the spread of counterfeit versions of Windows 7 and create awareness among customers about the cons of using pirated software, Microsoft is seeking channel support. The software giant has interacted with 15 channel associations across the country regarding the same.


The associations that have welcomed the actions of MS and are giving platform to the company to raise its concern are Delhi-based Progressive Channels Association Of Information Technology (PCAIT), Jalandhar-based Jalandhar Computer Dealers’ Association (JCDA), Ludhiana-based ACE, Mumbai-based Trade Association of Information Technology (TAIT), Indore-based MPCTA, Bhopal-based BHOJ IT Association and Chennai-based Confed-ITA, among others.

“We have interacted with channel associations across the country and have got positive responses. Partners have acknowledged that they want to do legal business only and they will discourage the sale of pirated software among end-customers. Associations have also assured that they would not support us dealers who are involved in such business,” said Vipul Sant, Director—Genuine Software Initiative, Microsoft.

In order to keep a check on the spread of pirated version of Windows 7, Microsoft visited all the popular IT markets of the country, like Nehru Place and Lamington Road.


“We purchased the copies of Windows 7 and found that the CDs contained malwares. Also, they did not contain all the features of Windows 7 and they are being sold just with the tag of the new OS,” Sant mentioned.

When inquired with Sant about the actions that MS is taking regarding the pirated versions that are openly being sold on the streets, he said, “It is true that local vendors are selling the software openly and therefore our task becomes an ongoing activity. It is not easy to eradicate piracy at one go and hence we have to continue making our efforts.”

Talking about the threats that pirated version of W7 has, he further informed that running counterfeit CDs make a PC vulnerable to cyber criminals who can hack into the system.

“MS has provided tools in the OS through which end users can get back to us and inform about counterfeit product. So far, we have got very proactive response from the customers. We are hoping that this partnership would help in bringing down piracy level,” said Rakesh Bakshi, Associate General Council and Director—Legal and Corporate Affair, Microsoft.

Adding further, he said, “We are creating awareness among the customers as well as the partners. As the threat has increased, customers are getting online information that the software they have been using is not genuine and it could be a big security threat for them. Cyber security threats have been there, but now they have become more real and customers have to be more stringent.”

Till now, MS has not done any enforcement against dealers who are in business of pirated software, but the company is spreading the word in all the regions that legal actions would be taken on those who are caught indulging in such activities.