How IT MSMEs Can Turn Oil Prices Hike into Business Opportunity

How IT MSMEs Can Turn Oil Prices Hike into Business Opportunity and cut cost to business, transport cheaply and also contribute to environment

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Oil prices have been rising at exorbitant rates. Now, it has crossed the Rs 100 per litre mark. Oil prices news have been in the media limelight for quite some time now, with all experts voicing concerns about them. This is also troublesome for IT MSMEs as they mostly use oil-driven vehicles and also use oil-driven transport vehicles for transporting their goods. Now with rise in oil prices, they are sure to face difficulty as they have to spend more on transport.


That said, there are ways in which IT MSMEs can turn oil prices rise into profitable business opportunity.

Here are some suggestions which the IT MSMEs can follow to beat the oil prices hike -

Begin Travelling in E-vehicles


It's no longer viable to use oil-fuelled vehicles. There are advanced E-vehicles like 2 wheelers, 3-wheelers and 4-wheelers in the market. Especially 2 and 3 wheelers are not very expensive. They have a lot of space and easy to operate. There are battery swapping stations where you can deposit your exhausted battery for charging and collect newly charged battery.

It makes good sense to shift to a clean fuel transport, contribute to save environment and to cut transport cost by moving out of the oil sector.

Hence, buy an E-vehicle and begin using it today.


Begin using E-Vehicles for transporting your goods

There are heavy E-vehicles in the market. There are companies operating them. Tie up with those companies and transport your goods via E-vehicle transport system. Cut oil-fuelled vehicle usage.

Transfer to Solar Grid in Homes and Offices


You are using electricity at home and offices and during a powercut you use generator which consumes a lot of petrol. This pollutes the environment and it also weighs heavily on your purse.

Transfer to solar electricity grid. Government is giving lots of discount on solar grid. Besides you can save electricity bill and cut out the usage of generator as with a solar grid there will be no use for them.

With these simple practices, you can cut oil fuel usage, build a cleaner environment and cut cost to your business.

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