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“My Husband is my Role Model”: Sarita Pansari, Savera Digital India

Sarita Pansari along with her husband Gopal, has brought up Savera Digital to what is today – one of india’s most successful technology distributor. Being a business women she enjoys her life to the fullest and is the true inspiration for all the aspiring entrepreneurs, as she knows the secret of work life balance.

What is your principle in life?
To be optimistic and have positive approach towards life, positive and negative aspect depends on individual otherwise staircase are same someone uses for going up and someone for coming down. There is always to learn something from adverse situations.

What is your family background and educational background?
My paternal as well as in laws belong to business background; I live with my husband, in-laws along with three children, small and a happy family. I am a Chartered Accountant and I have studied FMB (Family Managed Business) from SP Jain Institute of management and Research.

How did a field related to IT fascinate you?
IT business is best to keep yourself updated in this rapid changing technology. I have an
urge to self-update myself about the changing technology.

Do you face challenges in your work being a woman?
To an extent managing work life as well as family is a herculean task as both needs to be balanced with time &energy, overcoming the challenges is the best pay off rather than sacrificing any one of them, it’s all about dedication and time management.

What kind of services/products do your company have to offer? What kind of future
directions does your company intend to expand into?
Currently Savera Digital India Pvt Ltd has arrays of product categories like Storage/PC/Components/Peripherals. In the coming future Savera will be into solution selling and Enterprise category also.

What is your motto for success at workplace?
There is a saying work place is the best place; sensing the right opportunity and grabbing the same and hitting the same with a positive approach will lead to success.

To what do you attribute your success?
Surely, credit goes to my husband Gopal Pansari who is a friend as well as my role model. It is him who keeps motivating me with his confidence and trust.

Tell about your achievements. 

For me Savera Digital India is my biggest achievement as we are nurturing it with care, in today’s 21st century women’s are equal to men, every women is independent now to take their right decisions timely , I could have been equally successful if I were a man.

Fitness Mantra: Being physically fit is the first step
towards mental peace & wellbeing which is linked
with work and family life.
Destressing Mantra: Exercise & Pranayama in a green
& peaceful environment and healthy eating habits.
Where you like to shop? To be surprising I am not a
shopaholic. I am a simple woman but yes sometimes I
pick up what I like at a glance.
Favourite holiday destination: Scotland
5 things you can not live without: Family, Sleep,
Exercise, Morning fresh air, Gardening
Wake up at: 5:45 AM
Morning activities: Exercise, Wake up kids &
Send them to school, Office Leaving
Office at: 9:30 AM
Ist half in office: Checking the mails, Handling
HR, Day to Day Transactions
Post Lunch: Observing & streamlining Debtor
outstanding which is essential for healthy business.
How you spend your evenings: Managing Kids
& Home.
Sleep time: 11 PM

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