Nagpur partners bank on retail to drive growth in recession

DQC Bureau
New Update

Nagpur: Continuing its journey across the country, the IT Panchayat, which is organized by The DQ Week and DQ Channels made a stop at India's orange country, Nagpur. The event which was organized in the IT Hall of the VCMDWA (Vidharba Computer and Media Dealer's Welfare Association) saw the entire channel partner fraternity turn up in huge numbers.

The evening started off by presentations by Amit Kumar Dandale, Sify followed by Sushil Shivani of  Hitachi and Anil Gupta of Microworld.

On the panel for the open house discussion were Shadab from Neoteric and Atul Raut from Redington representing the distributors. While the channel partners were represented by Prashant Ugemuge, President, VCMDWA, Hitesh Parikh of Micropark Logistic and Sudhir Budhay of Business Algoritham. The discussion was moderated by Shivangi Yadav, Executive Editor, The DQ Week.

Talking about the recession and its impact on the market Raut said, “I really do not see much of an impact in the market as of now. We are faring all right but what has happened in the market as an effect of all the coverage that the slowdown is getting is that the partners are being a bit careful in their dealings now.”

Explaining the market situation in the city Ugemuge said, “Nagpur market is predominantly retail and and we have been witnessing growth in the past few months. The segments which have been driving growth in sales are students and government employees.”

Continuing the same another partner commented, “At the moment the consumer attitude is a bit safe, but with the pay commission report getting implemented soon we do see some more traction happening in the market since people are going to get their dues and with that money we are sure the sales of IT will go up.”

Talking about the most persistent issue that is plaguing the channel community in the city Ugemuge said, “The partners are really suffering because of the lack of after sales service and support that some vendors provide. For example there is this vendor company whose support services for their printers division has become so bad that we are taking a hit. Their toll free number never works and not getting the desired support the customers are leaving the products with us to sort out their issues. Thus resolving the issues takes more time than generating more business. ”

Adding in the same vein Parikh said, “We did not face many issues when the service center was handled by partners from the city itself, but since the vendor has appointed has a service center with Redington we have been continuously facing issues.”

When asked to react, Raut said that he would be unable to comment since the division was not handled by him.

Talking of the other problem that the partners were facing one partner from the gathering commented about how Microsoft was resorting to unethical practices with the channel community in their endeavor to curb piracy. Commenting on the same Ugemuge said, “As an association we pledged support to the company in combating piracy. We also undertook a lot of activities to propagate the usage of original software in the community and even invited the vendor to come and participate in such activities but they are not interested in liaison with us or educating the people about the benefits instead they are arm twisting the channel community.”

Propounding a solution Budhay asked Anil Gupta of Microworld how they ensured that their software was not pirated. Replying to the query Gupta said, “We have been able to combat piracy since we have lock in code and no one is able to operate the software if they have not brought it legally because that is the only way you will get to know the code.”

Reacting to Gupta's statement Budhay said, “What I fail to understand is why Microsoft cannot do the same. Being the leading vendor across the world for software they should either put in a lock in code instead of leaving their software open for piracy or offer competitive prices for the consumer and also educate consumers.”

The evening which was sponsored by Sify, Microworld, Hitachi, Chirag Computers, TVSE, Epson, Geneva, ended with dinner and discussions.