NeGD Hosts Digital Experience Centre Under MeitY

NeGD Hosts Digital Experience Centre Under MeitY to offer many digital learnings and practices to visitors using AI

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Digital Experience Centre

The first-of-its-kind Digital Experience Centre, hosted by National E-governance Division (NeGD) under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is a major point of attraction for Lucknow citizens. The Digital Exhibition and Experience Centre designed, conceptualised and created by TAGBIN, a technology-innovation company, is showcasing India’s advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The unique Digital Experience Centre (DEC) has been inaugurated by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.


The DEC has been set up at the Centrum Hotel in Lucknow, which is the same venue for the G20 DEWG (Digital Economy Working Group) meetings held from February 13th to 15th. This AI exhibition showcases the footprints and incredible milestones achieved by the ‘Digital India’ mission through AR and VR experiences.

As we walk inside the exhibition, various interactive zones and installations tell the story of how Artificial Intelligence has evolved in India. The exhibit also talks about India’s Digital infrastructure and explains how the country took major revolutionary steps for the upliftment of Indians.

An AI face projected on a huge screen installed at the entrance welcomes the visitors. Visitors can enjoy the great experience offered here by interacting with the AI and asking their questions. Another interactive installation is a long touchscreen wall, which tells the visitors about how various digital initiatives by the government in different sectors have transformed the lives of citizens. The multiple touch points in the wall act as great interactive points for the visitors.


One of the best zones is the 360-degree ‘Lucknow VR Tour’, through which the visitor can travel virtually through the prominent and prestigious monuments and through the best eateries in Lucknow. While experiencing this incredible feature through the VR headsets, visitors get transported to a particular location and get the feeling of being present there virtually.

Furthermore, interactions like Chess with AI and Art with AI also offer a very engaging feature for visitors. People of all age groups, especially kids enjoy these unforgettable experiences at this ‘Digital Exhibition & Experience Centre.

Overall, the use of AI and digitisation of the exhibition enhances real-life experiences while also connecting people to their rich culture. Apart from the Digital Experience Centre, there is a Digital India Mobile van and VR experience Centre, which is showcasing the journey of Digital India from its launch year 2015 till now.


Designed and created by TAGBIN, it is also enlightening citizens about the G20 DEWG Lucknow event through an immersive experience (AR & VR).

In addition, an Interactive Quiz is there on two of the screens on the outer wall of the van related to digital India and G20. The users can scan the code displayed on 55” TV Screens and play the quiz on their phones.

Since its launch date, the Van and the VR experience centre has covered 30 to 40 different public places in Lucknow giving citizens an unprecedented opportunity to experience these world-class technologies for free.


Users can experience virtual travel to one of the villages of Lucknow via a car simulator and explore various applications of AI during the virtual trip to experience how digital India has eased an individual’s life.

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