Nehru Place on red alert

DQC Bureau
New Update

Nehru Place, an area long on the radar of terrorist attacks, has once again

been brought to the limelight. A few days back, a call was made to the police

control room about an explosive being planted in three buildings, namely

Siddharth Bhawan, Bajaj House and Sahyog Building.


Thereafter, a police squad from Kalkaji police station conducted a security

check and scanned the building premises but the news turned out to be a hoax.

Commenting on the security situation, Saket Kapur, Secretary of PCAIT and a

member of an association of Vishal Bhawan building in Nehru Place said,

“Everybody is walking on eggshells right now. We need to strengthen and protect

ourselves. It is high time that people start taking measures at their own end.

Government cannot take all the measures alone. They need ample support from the

business and real estate owners in Nehru place. We are taking measures to create

awareness among the dealers in Nehru Place about the safety measures they should

take for themselves. Every building owner needs to look after the safety of his

own premises.”

Nehru Place is one of the most crowded and congested markets of the capital.

The market has no entry barriers and thousands of people visit the market

without any security checks. Also, with incidents of encroachment on the rise,

the makes has become more vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

While replying to the query about PCAIT's role in driving security concerns,

Kapur informed that PCAIT responsibility is to inform dealers about being

proactive and increase security level at their own premises. “The major role has

to be played by building and real estate owners. They need to increase

surveillance at their own buildings so that it is also easy for government to

enhance security,” said Kapur.