New IT Innovations for 2023 - IT Leaders Speak

New IT Innovations for 2023 - IT leaders Speak about the holistic growth of the entire IT sector and about Cloud

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We asked the IT leaders what new innovations are being done in the IT sector, that are helping to solve the challenges in different segments/sectors. It appears that investing in holistic well being of business world is a concern of many business leaders.


Rajesh Ganesan, President, ManageEngine said, "Most businesses operate with the philosophy of taking care of their employees well, who are then motivated and empowered to take care of the customers well. One way of doing that for businesses is to apply technology innovations to enhance the employee experience greatly by removing barriers at work and making them super productive. This starts from investing in building a self-serving, self-diagnosing, self-remediating and self-healing technology infrastructure where employees don't have to rely on learning much, or on IT experts. This is followed by extending the corporate technology infrastructure seamlessly beyond the office premises, without compromising on security, which can enable a productive hybrid work model for the employees."

Ganesan continued, "These technological innovations underpinning the business operations greatly help businesses in addressing challenges like evolving business models, having to grow rapidly across geographies and keep pace with changing customer expectations.  Building and operating such a modern infrastructure also requires smart ways to managing them and deploying a set of disparate tools no longer cuts it. Technology leaders have to invest in an effective management platform to holistically manage the technology operations in making sure the innovations truly deliver the intended results. And this is where management platform vendors like ManageEngine come in to help businesses."

Taking the discussion forward, Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Product Officer, Ozonetel talked about innovations in the Cloud segment. He said, “In 2023, cloud communications will continue intensifying its edge over legacy solutions in three core areas: Integrations, AI, and omnichannel."  


He added, "To create a comprehensive CX platform, businesses will need to integrate their various sources of data, internal and external communication channels, and other business tools to operate as a single cohesive platform. A CCaaS solution with integrations and partnerships with third-party applications and omnichannel capabilities will be essential to unify communications across the customer journey." 

He concluded, "As machine learning advances, conversational AI will continue to make strides. Conversations with customer-facing AI such as chatbots will continue to become more natural and human-like. The big innovations, however, will be on the agent-facing and supervisor-facing AI front. Businesses can expect AI-based analytics to sift through contact center conversations, both voice and chat, to identify core CX issues: the root cause of customer dissatisfaction, successful sales pitches, and opportunities for cross-selling, and up-sell - with accuracy and ease that was unavailable to them before”. 

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