The New Realm- New Age Automation Products

The coming of Automation and new-age technology has opened new doors for the IT Market . It is necessary for the IT marketing partners to keep track of them

 Changing Ground

With the coming of Automation and related new-age technologies in the Indian market, it is essential for the IT industry’s marketing partners at all levels to reinvent their marketing strategies to accommodate the fast-changing market trends in this sector. More and more IT Products are going to be enabled with IoT, AI, and ML in the coming years. Hence, marketing partners have to understand what kind of new products are going to be built and how many sectors they will serve. Here, we are giving a brief survey of some IoT, AI and ML enabled products which the IT industry market will see very soon. Some of them have been already launched and some are in the process of evolving.

By adding Bluetooth to our Philips Hue smart lighting, we’re making it easy to experiment and have fun with the light at home. All it requires is the smartphone you already have.”- Jasper Vervoort, Business Leader, Home Systems & Luminaires, Philips Hue, Signify

“Samsung designed the Family Hub refrigerator to bring new levels of functionality to the appliance and ultimately transform its role in the kitchen. Family Hub is the center of Samsung’s smart home/IoT initiative. Samsung continues to innovate in these areas and we expect to deliver more smart capabilities across all of our appliances and smart home infrastructure.”- Sunggy Koo, VP, Home IoT, Samsung

“We need IoT and AI-enabled equipment for diagnosis of TB, retinal detachment. Niti Ayog is providing AI-enabled Geo-spatial mapping equipment to farmers to survey underground water levels.”- Yaduvendra Mathur, Special Secretary, Niti Ayog

“We have built a smartwatch which will be given to all our workers which will monitor heartbeats, blood pressure, etc. The watch is fitted with geo-sensing so that their location can be detected. When we get data about any anomaly in their health condition, we can take them to the hospitals.”- Praveen Arora, VP & Head, IoT Technology, Tata Communications

“We use AI-enabled products to predict climate and cropping patterns for the coming years. Many seeds and fertilizer companies have benefited from this.”- Rajesh VR, Regional ales Head, North India, Cropin

“We are using IoT and AI-enabled devices to provide digital healthcare to patients. This will reduce pressure on the hospitals.”- Alok Garg, VP, Sales & Marketing, KareXpert Technologies

“AI devices connected to the camera can read the screened images and give readings in less than 30 seconds. Since AI device is portable, customers can be connected at convenience. This is useful in the diagnosis of cancer, TB, etc.”-  Rajarajeshwari Kodhandapani, Director, Artelus

“Digital grading of fruits, vegetables and crops have come on top. Image processing by AI is becoming vogue. Tensor flow is open access and is being used for identifying crops.”- Dr. SK Soam, Joint Director, ICAR-NAARM, Hyderabad

“When we talk about a sensor-laced tractor, we have to make it usable in a small farm of fewer than 2 hectares, so that small farmer can use it. IoT or AI is not at production level only. It is going to bring efficiency in the entire value chain.”- SS Arya, CEO, Agriculture Sector Skill Council

“We have a moisture sensor, Ph sensor, soil analysis sensor, etc. We can analyse and understand what kind of fertiliser can be used in soil. Releasing of water can be remote-controlled by tech. Based on image processing the quality of the crop can be analysed.”- Raunaque Mujeeb Qaiser, Group Manager, ST Microelectronics

“We’re doing mobile network transmission mapping, optics fiber testing, we use data transmission analyser, OTDR testing, etc. Our equipments are useful for cable operators, chipset manufacturers, service maintenance operators, etc.”- Madhukar Tripathi, Head, Optics Business, Arinitsu

Growing Factors

IoT and AI-enabled types of equipment can take the IT industry into a completely new realm. The marketing segment of the industry has to mold itself to be ready for this new development. Gradually, the demand for these types of equipment will grow in the IT sector.

Another development that is rising is that of the cloud management system. Now, hardware computing will have to be aligned with cloud storage and management. Hence, the marketing for the IT industry will have to develop new strategies to promote cloud-related technology. SIs’ role will also become redefined as integration will gradually use more and more of cloud management and IoT-AI-ML-enabled products. Another domain which is becoming prominent is blockchain. As IoT connects more and more types of equipment, blockchain will also be more and more important to provide cybersecurity. IT products marketing will have to take this into account. In July issue of DQ Channels, we had discussed that customers prefer to buy at retailers who provide and communicate better security assurances to their customers. This is a global phenomenon but has been found to be the most acute in India, as Indian clients are the most sensitive about security and privacy matters.

As we have more and more IoT-ML enabled products in various sectors, the security of these products will become paramount. It is imperative for the marketing partners to evolve a strategy keeping this in mind.

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