Accel announces Cybersecurity Summit in Bangalore

Accel will host the Cybersecurity Summit on July 25, 2024, in Bangalore. It will support the cybersecurity startup ecosystem in India. It is a platform for startups to display their cybersecurity innovations.

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Accel announces Cybersecurity Summit in Bengaluru

Accel announces Cybersecurity Summit in Bengaluru

Accel will host the Cybersecurity Summit on July 25, 2024, in Bangalore. This event aims to support the early-stage cybersecurity startup ecosystem in India by bringing together security operators, CISOs, and notable founders from around the world. The summit will provide a platform for startups to showcase their cybersecurity innovations and pitch to a select group of CISOs from large enterprises and tech companies such as PhonePe, Groww, Cred, and Flipkart.


India's cybersecurity market has experienced significant growth. A report by the Data Security Council of India indicates the market reached approximately USD 6 billion in 2023, with a CAGR of over 30% from 2019 to 2023. The products segment alone grew by more than 3.5 times, reaching close to USD 3.7 billion in 2023 from USD 1 billion in 2019.

India’s cybersecurity landscape is maturing quickly. With the exponential growth of large SaaS and consumer companies in India, security teams have become highly skilled at combating increasing threat surfaces. Accel has funded over 50 cybersecurity companies globally, many of which have Indian-origin founders. There are significant opportunities for founders in India to build the next generation of global cybersecurity companies focusing on areas like AI in cybersecurity, application security, and security operations,” says Prayank Swaroop, Partner at Accel.

The summit will feature following four distinct knowledge tracks tailored to the interests of attendees and a pavilion for startups and data security teams to showcase their products - 

Application Security: Topics include setting up an AppSec program and automating tasks across the AppSec stack.


Security Operations: Covers leveraging SIEM and SOAR for automating security operations and strategies for scaling security operations as organizations grow.

AI in Security: Explores the role of AI in enhancing the AppSec stack and Large Language Model (LLM) security.

Founders in Security: Provides insights into best practices for scaling go-to-market strategies and selling to security teams and CISOs.


The speakers include Ajit Sancheti (GM of Logscale at CrowdStrike), Ankur Bhargava (Head of Product Security at PhonePe), Himanshu Das (CISO at Cred), Ross Haleliuk (Founder of Venture in Security), Jossef Harush (Head of Supply Chain Security at Checkmarx), Anthony Belfiore (CSO at Wiz), Prajal Kulkarni (CISO at Groww), Ashwath Kumar (Principal Security Engineer at Razorpay), Ruchir Patwa (Co-founder of Sydelabs), Ansh Patnaik (CPO of Cycognito), Anand Prakash (Founder of Pingsafe), Raghuveer Kancherla (Co-founder of Sprinto), and Avinash Nagla (Founder of Sprouts).

The summit is organised by Accel, with a committee including Prayank Swaroop, Akshat Jain (Co-founder and CTO at Cyware), Ankita Gupta (Co-founder and CEO at Akto), Vandana Verma (Senior Developer Advocate at Snyk), and Sandesh Anand (Co-founder at Seezo).



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