Adobe Introduces Acrobat AI Assistant for Enterprise Productivity

Adobe has introduced the Acrobat AI Assistant, a new feature for enterprise customers. This assistant is accessible as an additional subscription for all enterprise and individual users of Reader and Acrobat.

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Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant

Adobe has introduced the Acrobat AI Assistant, a new feature for enterprise customers. This assistant is accessible as an additional subscription for all enterprise and individual users of Reader and Acrobat, available on desktop, web, and mobile platforms.


The Acrobat AI Assistant integrates with existing Acrobat workflows and utilizes generative AI technology to enhance document-related productivity. It is designed for quick deployment, allowing users to benefit from its capabilities immediately. The assistant enables users to extract insights with intelligent citations and assists in creating various document types, such as emails, reports, and presentations, directly from the content of their documents.

Adobe ensures that the Acrobat AI Assistant adheres to strict data security protocols. The learning model of the assistant does not use any customer document content for training purposes, maintaining the privacy and integrity of user data.

 “For more than three decades, PDFs and Adobe Acrobat have been a cornerstone of communication and collaboration in the enterprise. With generative AI, we’re redefining productivity for every single employee,” said Abhigyan Modi, senior vice president of Adobe Document Cloud. "Acrobat AI Assistant dramatically reduces time spent reading and searching for information, enabling employees to develop insights faster and slash the time they spend creating content.”


Adobe has released new generative AI capabilities for Acrobat, initially introduced in beta earlier this year. These features are designed to enhance document productivity for users. The AI Assistant allows users to interact with documents, including PDFs, Word, and PowerPoint files, through a conversational interface that suggests questions and provides answers based on the document’s content.

The generative summary feature reportedly offers concise overviews of lengthy documents, while the intelligent citations function provides sources for the AI Assistant’s responses, enabling easy verification. Additionally, the software includes clickable links for quick navigation within documents, allowing users to concentrate on the most pertinent information.

Another feature is the ability to compile and format document content into summaries, emails, presentations, blogs, and reports. A copy button helps the process of creating and distributing business content to colleagues and stakeholders. These enhancements aim to streamline workflows and improve efficiency for knowledge workers.


“As a partner for many businesses in their digital transformation journeys, we leverage Adobe solutions with our Experience First approach for various industries,” said Kamal Bhadada, President, TCS Interactive and NBMG, TCS, a global IT services, consulting, and business solutions organization. 

“In early evaluations, our content team reduced the amount of time on common tasks significantly using Acrobat AI Assistant for identifying insights from keynotes, workshops, and meetings. Adobe’s know-how in documents and secure AI enabled the AI to do what it is good at while enabling users to apply creativity and ingenuity. The combination of AI plus humans is greater than the sum of the parts.”

Adobe has launched the Acrobat AI Assistant, a tool aimed at improving efficiency for knowledge workers in various roles and industries. The AI Assistant enables users to reduce the time spent searching for information, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.


The tool has key offerings for multiple teams:

  • Marketing and communications teams can create content from industry reports.
  • Sales teams can respond to RFPs more quickly.
  • Legal and compliance teams can assess the impact of regulations.
  • HR teams can update internal policies.
  • Investor relations teams can summarize financial statements.
  • R&D teams can stay informed about industry trends.

Adobe's Acrobat AI Assistant reportedly incorporates several measures to ensure security. These are some of the points in consideration -

  • The use of Adobe’s artificial intelligence and machine learning models increases the accuracy of the AI Assistant.
  • Third-party LLMs are required to follow Adobe’s confidentiality and security standards.
  • Admin-level controls allow for selective user access.
  • Data security protocols govern the AI Assistant’s features.
  • The AI Assistant undergoes Adobe’s AI Ethics governance process.
  • Attributions in responses and reminders to verify information keep humans in the loop.
  • Users are responsible for the generative AI output based on their documents.


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