Adobe Uses AI for Enhanced Personalized Customer Journeys in Real-Time

Adobe revealed innovations within the Adobe Experience Cloud. These advancements seek to enable brands to boost customer engagement by effectively producing cross-channel journeys.

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Adobe's AI Revolutionizes Customer Journeys

Adobe AI Enhanced for customer journey

During the Adobe Summit, recognized as the largest Digital Experience Conference globally, Adobe unveiled significant innovations within the Adobe Experience Cloud. These advancements aim to enable brands to elevate customer engagement by effectively orchestrating cross-channel journeys.


Among the key highlights is the introduction of a unified experimentation capability, allowing brands to conduct a higher volume of tests. This facilitates the identification of customer paths that optimize conversion rates and encourage the reuse of offers across various channels.

Additionally, Adobe introduced enhancements to the Adobe Journey Optimiser capabilities, catering to both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) brands. These enhancements empower brands to refine journey orchestration by delivering timely and personalized experiences to their customers.

Overall, these innovations underscore Adobe's commitment to equipping brands with the tools necessary to navigate and excel in the dynamic landscape of digital experiences.


“B2C and B2B brands have unique challenges in how they engage customers, and Adobe Experience Cloud solutions can uniquely serve the needs of both sectors,” said Amit Ahujasenior vice president of Digital Experience Business at Adobe. “By unifying disparate data through Adobe Experience Platform and delivering a comprehensive view of customers, brands can deliver true one-to-one personalization or engage specific buying groups within target accounts.

“Consumers expect brands to keep a close pulse on their preferences, and Marriott is focused on providing a highly personalized experience on every digital channel that is intuitively timed to delight guests,” said Amit ManurkarVP, of Digital Content & MarTechMarriott International. “The Adobe Experience Cloud is helping our teams across the globe to deliver highly personalized moments at scale throughout the entire journey and across touchpoints, including Marriott’s award-winning Marriott Bonvoy App.”

AEP & AJO Unified Experimentation


Enhanced statistical models now facilitate unified experimentation and goal-based optimization services, empowering marketers, product managers, and developers to harness embedded decision-making capabilities within customer journeys.

This enables the strategic reuse of offers across communication channels and the optimization of the ideal customer path to maximize conversion rates. Brands can systematically enable experimentation and decision-making processes across various elements such as content, channels, audiences, journeys, and machine learning models.

Moreover, centralized administration mechanisms facilitate the seamless management of these processes, including pushing winning strategies, resolving conflicts, and overseeing global holdouts. This comprehensive approach ensures that brands can progressively refine and enhance their marketing strategies, adapting to evolving consumer behaviors and market dynamics.


By leveraging these advanced capabilities, brands can better navigate the intricacies of customer engagement and drive sustained growth and success in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

AJO Innovations

AJO B2B Edition: A distinctive enterprise application, the AJO B2B Edition, constructed on the Adobe Experience Platform, prioritizes account-specific buying group journeys. This innovative product facilitates marketing and sales teams to seamlessly collaborate as a unified revenue-driving force. By leveraging personalized B2B buying experiences, it enables precise demand generation. The application harnesses unified data within the Adobe Experience Platform and employs generative AI to tailor journeys. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with lead marketing workflows in Adobe Marketo Engage, offering a comprehensive B2B solution. This integration ensures a cohesive approach to B2B marketing, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across the entire customer journey.

New AJO Capabilities: Enhanced brand-initiated journey orchestration within AJO facilitates seamless alignment of audience-centric campaigns with real-time customer signals. This ensures that the right customers are engaged while mitigating mistimed marketing communications. Furthermore, AJO's mobile and web channel enhancements offer comprehensive support, encompassing push notifications, in-app messaging, code-based experiences, and message feeds. These upgrades equip brands with the tools necessary to deliver tailored and timely communications across various channels, thereby enhancing customer engagement and driving more effective marketing strategies.


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