AI Analysis of 2024 Election Media Coverage

Arkreach analyzed online media articles related to the General Elections to evaluate the effect of media coverage on the political contenders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and INC leader Rahul Gandhi.

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AI Analysis of 2024 Election Media Coverage

AI Analysis of 2024 Election Media Coverage

Arkreach, an AI-powered communications analytics solution, recently analyzed online media articles related to the ongoing General Elections to assess the impact of media coverage on the two main political contenders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Indian National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.


Arkreach evaluated online news media coverage in India using an AI-powered algorithm that examines various metrics. The analysis focused on articles mentioning PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi in the headline, excluding mutually exclusive articles. The study covered 26,416 online news articles from 418 publications in 10 Indian languages, spanning from March 20, 2024 (the issuance of the election gazette notification for the first phase), to May 25, 2024 (up until phase 6). The metrics considered included reach, share of voice, and sentiment.

Arkreach's measurement module analyzed the entire coverage algorithmically to ensure data integrity, providing a comprehensive media narrative around the elections and illustrating trends in online media.

The analysis conducted by Arkreach revealed several key statistics and highlights:


Volume of Coverage:

  • PM Modi appeared in 13,848 articles.
  • Rahul Gandhi was featured in 7,616 articles.
  • PM Modi received 82% more coverage, attributed to his incumbent status and frequent public appearances.

Language Diversity:

  • PM Modi had broader regional language coverage, appearing in Hindi, English, Bangla, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Punjabi.

Sentiment Analysis:

Positive Sentiment:

  • PM Modi: 19.3% (2,672 articles)
  • Rahul Gandhi: 12.7% (964 articles)

Negative Sentiment:

  • PM Modi: 5.2% (719 articles), reach of 1.35 million.
  • Rahul Gandhi: 4% (308 articles), reach of 6.68 million.
  • Despite fewer negative articles for Rahul Gandhi, the higher reach indicates the wider distribution of negative news.

Social Media Engagement:

  • Rahul Gandhi’s content saw a 304% higher social media engagement compared to PM Modi, indicating greater public interest.



Neutral Coverage:

  • PM Modi: 75.5% (10,457 articles), reach of 73.98 million.
  • Rahul Gandhi: 83.3% (6,344 articles), reach of 77.60 million.

Vishal Sharma, Chief Strategy Officer at Arkreach, noted, “As we analyze the complexities of media coverage during the 2024 Indian elections, it becomes evident how strategic language diversity and targeted engagement shape public perception. Our report highlights the nuanced approaches of both PM Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi, reflecting their distinct strategies to connect with a diverse electorate. At Arkreach, we are committed to providing deep insights that help decode these media narratives, empowering stakeholders with data-driven understanding.”


The analysis reveals notable variations in the two leader’s media coverage, that are influenced by their different public personas and media strategies.


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