AI-powered Scam Detection for GoTo Resolve

GoTo launched AI-powered scam detection for its GoTo Resolve platform, aimed at enhancing security during support sessions on mobile devices.

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AI powered Scam Detection for GoTo Resolve

GoTo Resolve

GoTo has introduced an AI-powered scam detection feature for its GoTo Resolve platform, aimed at enhancing security during support sessions on mobile devices. The feature, available across all tiers of GoTo Resolve, analyzes sessions in real-time to identify and alert users about potential fraudulent activities before sensitive information is compromised.


Tech support scams are prevalent among Indian consumers, with around 7 out of 10 encountering such issues. These scams often involve imposters posing as support personnel to gain remote access and steal personal or financial data. Misuse of legitimate remote support software is common in these schemes, allowing scammers to monitor screens or take control of devices.

GoTo Resolve's scam detection employs AI trained specifically to monitor session behaviors and detect suspicious phrases associated with fraudulent activities. Upon detection, the feature automatically terminates the session, notifies the user, and simplifies the process of reporting suspected fraud with a single click. Initial implementation of this feature has significantly reduced abuse claims by more than 81%, identifying thousands of potential scams.

Future plans include extending these protective measures to desktop connections and further enhancing security across all platforms supported by GoTo Resolve.


“We think it is our responsibility to help protect businesses that use our technology as well as individuals who may interact with our solutions,” said Olga Lagunova, Chief Product and Technology Officer at GoTo. “We’ve done that with GoTo Resolve, which was built to prioritize secure remote support and management with a first-of-its-kind zero trust architecture. Our new AI-powered scam detection adds another powerful layer of protection, and we’ve already seen tremendous success since the initial rollout. This is just one of the many ways GoTo is dedicated to protecting both IT teams and their end users.”


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