Altimetrik Launches a Market First Digital Business Process

Altimetrik introduces Digital Business Methodology. Global expenditure on digital technologies and AI is anticipated to surpass $3.4 trillion by 2026, and the imperative to embrace digital business has never been more pressing.

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Altimetrik Launches a Market First Digital Business Process

Altimetrik launches its Digital Business Methodology.

Altimetrik's unveils its Digital Business Methodology (DBM) capitalizes on a decade of experience in delivering tangible outcomes and fostering growth for clients. With global expenditure on digital technologies and AI anticipated to surpass $3.4 trillion by 2026, the imperative to embrace digital business has never been more pressing. Recognized as a pivotal driver for revenue expansion, digital business remains elusive for many enterprises. 


At the heart of the DBM lies the business assuming ownership and engagement, facilitating the successful integration of GenAI/AI. Altimetrik's launch of its business-oriented digital business brand represents a distinctive and validated model within the industry, poised to redefine digital transformation strategies.

Business stakeholders face a multitude of challenges and uncertainties regarding GenAI/AI, including concerns about data quality, complexity, silos, and the plethora of available tools. These issues hinder the alignment of business intuition with GenAI/AI language models, eroding confidence in decision-making and fostering a hesitancy among businesses to assume ownership.

According to McKinsey and other industry authorities, robust digital business and AI capabilities yield value and establish a lasting competitive edge. The focus has shifted from digital transformation to digital business, where enterprises assume responsibility for driving outcomes through a comprehensive approach. In this paradigm, businesses are urged to embrace ownership and drive results by integrating digital technologies into their core strategies.


To overcome these challenges, a holistic business-centric approach like DBM is essential. It instills necessary discipline within a cloud-agnostic environment and is bolstered by streamlined technology and comprehensive workflows.

By enabling businesses to swiftly consolidate and analyze data from diverse sources at the sprint level, DBM facilitates the integration of data that complements intuition with market insights. Implementing end-to-end business rules at each stage enhances comprehension of language models, thereby increasing productivity, and operational efficiency, and fostering growth. 

Transitioning from the current complex enterprise ecosystem to a business-centric model represents a simplified approach to technology that supports data management, GenAI/AI integration, and business acumen.


By adopting an agile engineering methodology and harnessing the appropriate technological expertise, enterprises can unleash the complete potential of digital business and GenAI/AI, nurturing the development of valuable data and innovation assets, operational efficiency, heightened productivity, security, and compliance.

Altimetrik's pioneering DBM stands as the answer to these challenges. With its distinctive focus on business engagement, DBM presents a novel approach to navigating the intricacies of the digital era, unveiling previously unexplored avenues for growth, unlike any other solution in the market.

Our DBM represents the first proven approach to digital business in the market, empowering companies to foster collaboration and drive innovation, there is no other company that offers this today,” said Raj Vattikuti, Executive Chairman at Altimetrik. “I am excited with the launch of our unique digital business brand and take great pride in our team’s successful track record as a strategic partner to customers creating innovative solutions that drive growth.”


The DBM operates independently of specific technologies and prioritizes business engagement, utilizing engineering methodologies to dismantle data silos, establish Single Sources of Truth (SSOTs), and cultivate essential assets for GenAI/AI.

This framework fuels ongoing innovation while maintaining stringent security and compliance standards at every stage. By adopting this engineering approach, organizations ensure the auditability and traceability of quality, security, and compliance measures.

Collaboration between data scientists and engineering teams enables the identification of language models and algorithms aligned with business intuition. Integrating emerging data technologies like Snowflake and Databricks, irrespective of existing complex environments, fosters the creation of valuable data, innovation, and AI/ML assets through a systematic engineering process.


At the core of DBM lies the imperative for businesses to assume ownership and engagement, employing a comprehensive, step-by-step methodology that emphasizes results. Rather than depending on consultants who emphasize high-level strategies, practitioners streamline business cases and complete workflows to delineate precise use cases integrating real-time data from diverse sources.

This occurs within a tool-neutral environment, utilizing a blend of tools for optimization. Moreover, distinct GenAI/AI language models and algorithms drive notable productivity enhancements through intelligent interfaces and immediate interactions.Bottom of Form

The DBM is upheld by a cloud-agnostic Digital Business Platform (DBP), customized to suit each client’s environment while operating independently from their existing intricate and compartmentalized infrastructure.


This fully automated end-to-end platform empowers organizations to seamlessly adopt automation, ensuring outcomes are achieved swiftly, consistently, and at scale. With Altimetrik’s accelerators, implementation can be expedited within the client’s environment in a concise timeframe.

Altimetrik facilitates the internalization of digital skills and culture, enabling clients to identify talent internally and externally through the Digital Business Academy (DBA). Acting as a catalyst, we assist customers in cultivating an agile digital business culture where talent evolves into practitioners capable of simplifying experiences.

The company’s practitioner and engineering teams prioritize simplifying the user experience and providing data and Single Sources of Truth (SSOT) for the application of relevant language models and algorithms that support business intuition. Initially deployed for Altimetrik’s 6,000+ engineers, leaders, GenAI/AI scientists, and practitioners worldwide, the DBA is now accessible to clients as well.

Embarking on this journey over a decade ago, Altimetrik has been a pioneer of digital business. According to Raj Sundaresan, CEO of Altimetrik, “Through our DBA we have developed a proficiency in our leadership for data, product, and platform engineering, including legacy platform modernization, and market-facing industry solutions. Our holistic approach incorporates capability centers comprising practitioners, engineering leaders, DevSecOps, and GenAI/AI experts, empowering business engagement and ownership through our DBM, DBP, and DBA accelerators.” 

To achieve success in digital business, it's imperative to conduct operations separately from the existing environment to foster the requisite culture and talent. Altimetrik stands as a pioneer in digital business, having refined tools and methodologies over the past decade to facilitate enterprises' transition to authentic digital operations.