AWS and Access Joint Research on accelerating AI skills in India

AWS's new research indicates that professionals in India possessing AI skills may witness salary increments exceeding 54%. Individuals in the IT sector would see a surge of 65%, while in R&D, they might even have higher pay raises, reaching up to 62%.

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AWS and Access Joint Research on accelerating AI skills in India

AWS and Access Report on accelerating AI skills in India

AWS has unveiled new research indicating that professionals in India possessing AI skills may witness salary increments exceeding 54%. Among these, individuals in the IT sector could experience a notable surge of 65%, while those engaged in research and development might enjoy even higher pay raises, reaching up to 62%.


To understand the AI usage trends and skilling needs in workplaces, AWS formed Access Partnership to conduct a study, titled “Accelerating AI Skills: Preparing the Asia-Pacific Workforce for Jobs of the Future”. Over 1,600 workers and 500 employers were surveyed in India.

In addition to substantial salary boosts, 97% of Indian workers anticipate that their AI proficiency will enhance their careers, leading to improved job efficiency and progression. A striking 95% express a strong desire to develop AI skills to expedite their professional growth, a sentiment that spans across generations.

Specifically, 95% of Gen Z, 96% of Millennials, and 93% of Gen X workers are eager to acquire AI competencies. Surprisingly, even 90% of baby boomers, a demographic typically considering retirement, express willingness to enroll in AI upskilling courses if made available.


The study also reveals significant potential productivity gains for India with an AI-proficient workforce. Employers foresee a remarkable 68% increase in their organization's productivity, attributing it to AI technology's ability to automate repetitive tasks (71%), promote the acquisition of new skills (68%), and enhance workflow and outcomes (64%). Moreover, workers themselves anticipate a substantial efficiency boost of up to 66% through the integration of AI technologies.

Organisations in India go all-in on AI Skills

The pace of AI adoption in India is remarkable, with nearly all employers (99%) foreseeing their companies transitioning into AI-driven organizations by 2028. While the finance department is expected to reap the most benefits according to a majority of employers (97%), significant value is also anticipated in other departments. This includes IT (96%), research and development (96%), sales and marketing (96%), business operations (95%), human resources (94%), and legal (92%) departments, all projected to derive substantial value from AI integration.


“The AI wave is sweeping across the Asia-Pacific region, including India, transforming the way businesses operate and the way we work. Our research shows that society as a whole will benefit from an increased productivity boost, which will translate into higher salaries for skilled workers in India,” said Abhineet Kaul, Director at Access Partnership. “With a growing number of organizations expected to deepen their use of AI solutions and tools and the continual evolution of AI-driven innovations, there is a need for employers and governments to nurture a proficient workforce capable of steering current and future AI advancements.”

In the past year, Generative AI, a form of artificial intelligence capable of swiftly generating new content and ideas such as conversations, stories, images, videos, music, and more, has gained widespread attention. This technology is already reshaping workplaces in India, with 98% of surveyed employers and workers anticipating the utilization of generative AI tools within the next five years. Among employers, 73% prioritize 'increasing innovation and creativity' as the foremost benefit, followed by improving outcomes (69%) and automating repetitive tasks (68%).

“Generative AI offers an unprecedented opportunity to transform businesses across India, and this research shows that AI skills are imperative for the future workforce. From financial services to construction and retail, industries are embracing AI at a rapid pace, which is why an AI-skilled workforce is essential to unleashing a culture of innovation and driving productivity in India, aligning with the government of India’s IndiaAI Mission,” said Amit Mehta, Head of AWS Training and Certification, AWS India Private Limited. “At AWS, we are helping organizations such as Wipro, L&T Technology Services, Iris Software, and others, to upskill their employees to be ready for a future powered by generative AI.” 


 “AI skills are becoming paramount for our customers to innovate and stay competitive. AWS and Wipro are collaborating to train AWS skilled associates at Wipro in generative AI services,” said Ramesh Pai, Vice President, AWS Business Unit Head, Wipro Technologies. “Equipping them with Wipro developer experience platform, which is integrated with Amazon CodeWhisperer and Amazon Q, helps in accelerating developer productivity and fostering a culture of continuous innovation.”

AWS Collaboration with Aspire for Her

AWS is jointly working with Aspire for Her - a local inclusion, diversity, and equity start-up - it offers free training for women who are looking forward to working in the cloud computing domain. It is offering Tech for Her online program and community.


Aspire For Her has a goal to reach 1 million women and empower them to be a part of India's growing economy by 2025.

It is aiming to add $5 million to India's GDP through increased participation of women in the workforce. 

Amit Mehta, Head of AWS Training and Certification, AWS India Private Limited, shared his views, " In the GenAI world, males and females tend to bring diverse perspectives and how they query the large language models, and the creative inputs sought a very different from a male and a female. And that's why we want to increase the women's participation. And that's where we partner with Aspire For Her. And here we are saying women who could be from nontech backgrounds can enroll in a very structured training program and get them included. So we have integrated it with the AWS Restart program. That's an extensive 12-week program. It's a 9 to 5 program where they complete the foundation. AI skills, AWS skills, and soft skills, and we connect them to potential job opportunities. So by collaborating with Aspire For Her, we want to ensure to enhance female participation in the workforce."

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