BD Soft Announces Major Expansion Plans

BD Soft Announces Major Expansion Plans, Targeting 2,500 Channel Partners by Year-End strengthening its presence across India and offering security solutions

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BD Software Distribution (BD Soft), a value-added distributor (VAD) of cybersecurity solutions in India, has unveiled a significant expansion plan. The company aims to onboard 2,500 channel partners by the end of 2024. This ambitious initiative underscores BD Soft's commitment to strengthening its presence across India and empowering businesses with robust cybersecurity solutions.


BD Soft's expansion strategy focuses on several key goals. The company plans to extend its reach beyond metro cities (Tier-I and Tier-II) to establish a strong presence in smaller cities (Tier-III and IV). This will allow BD Soft to cater to the growing demand for cybersecurity solutions across the entire nation. The company will collaborate with diverse channel partners, including value-added resellers (VARs), managed service providers (MSPs), and system integrators (SIs), to address the unique cybersecurity needs of a wider range of industries.

this distributor helps Indian enterprises achieve international-level security standards through strategic partnerships with top global providers. By distributing cutting-edge solutions like AI-driven threat detection and advanced encryption via their channel partners, it enables businesses to address diverse security challenges effectively. Additionally, it regularly conducts innovation summits and tech boot camps to keep channel partners ahead of the curve and enhance their capabilities. The company also offers comprehensive support services, including 24/7 technical assistance, marketing support, and several tech-enabled tools, empowering partners to deliver exceptional service and achieve high customer satisfaction and retention rates.

The increasing digitisation among Indian SMEs and start-ups has heightened the demand for cybersecurity solutions. According to the BTBharat Report, 60% of companies now prioritise cybersecurity and anti-fraud technologies in their strategic agendas. In response, BD Soft continues to expand its channel partner base to effectively meet the growing market needs.


“The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, demanding a proactive approach to data security. By expanding our network of channel partners, we can equip organizations across India with the necessary tools and expertise to combat cyberattacks and safeguard their critical data. We are confident that this expansion will not only benefit BD Soft but also empower our channel partners to thrive in the ever-growing cybersecurity market. By working together, we can create a more secure digital landscape for businesses across India,”  said Zakir Hussain Rangwala, CEO of BD Soft.

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