Bengaluru Salesforce Trailblazer Community arranged Dreamin Conference

Bengaluru Dreamin' Conference fuels innovation among the growing Salesforce Trailblazer Community. Event was attended by partners, customers, and trailblazers.

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Bengaluru Salesforce Trailblazer Community arranged Dreamin Conference

Bengaluru Salesforce Trailblazer Community hosted the inaugural Dreamin' Conference

The Bengaluru Salesforce Trailblazer Community hosted the inaugural Bengaluru Dreamin' Conference in June, co-founded by Rupalika Sahoo, Thamalalla Venkata Seshagiri Rao, and Akshay Vasu collaborating with the Salesforce Technical Relations team.

The event brought together customers, partners, and Trailblazers from the Salesforce Ecosystem, attracting over 2,000 attendees. It provided insights into the Salesforce ecosystem and emerging technologies like AI, highlighting the importance of digital transformation and AI's role in enhancing customer-centricity.

The conference also featured an in-person hackathon with partner companies, offering career opportunities and internships. A training boot camp was organized for students, non-IT professionals, and women re-entering the workforce to start their Salesforce careers.

Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairperson and CEO of Salesforce India, opened the session by discussing Salesforce's growth in India and the strategic use of AI, data, and CRM technologies. She shared insights into how these tools are shaping business and enhancing customer experiences.

The conference included sessions, panel discussions, and workshops on Salesforce's growth, AI advancements, customer experiences, career transitions, and innovative business solutions.

1. Women in Tech:

Moderated by Nalini Krishnan from TCS, the panel included Bhanu Dasgupta from Salesforce, Swati Taunk from IBM, and Lavanya Kothapalli from CriticalRiver Inc. They discussed their experiences as women in technology and Salesforce's efforts to foster an inclusive workplace.

2. Salesforce Ecosystem:

Moderated by Kiran Manyala, Head, APAC Technical Audience Relations at Salesforce - Sanket Atal from Salesforce India, Nalini Krishan from TCS, Sudeep Dey from HCG Hospital, and Prateek Prakash from NTT DATA shared insights on AI fundamentals and leveraging AI to understand and delight customers.

  • AI Hands-on Workshop: This workshop offered over 1,000 attendees an immersive experience with Salesforce's latest AI advancements. It provided an opportunity to explore AI technologies and applications in a collaborative setting. Kiran Manyala Head, APAC Technical Audience Relations at Salesforce, Vishwa Vikas Dagala Developer Relations Expert, Senior Manager at Salesforce, Aditya Naag Topalli Lead Developer Evangelist at Salesforce, Satya Sekhar Chegodi Lead Developer Advocate at Salesforce.
  • Product Tank Solving Business Problems: Inspired by Shark Tank, this session involved judges presenting problem statements to the audience, divided into teams. Teams developed product ideas based on the challenges, received feedback and points from the judges, and competed to be selected as the winning team.
  • Motherhood to Salesforce Success: This session shared the journey of Rajeshwari Anand, Partner at Go2Mentor, who transitioned into the IT industry, specifically Salesforce, without formal education or recent experience. Motivated by her husband, a Salesforce Architect, she dedicated 18 months to mastering Salesforce, earning certifications, and building professional networks. Her efforts led to a position as a Salesforce Business Analyst, aiming to inspire others through dedication and perseverance.
  • Code Wars and Architect Workshops: Multiple tracks ran parallelly for each domain, including developers, admins, and consultants. Sessions included Dev Code War, Low Code War, Solution Architect Workshop, and CTA Workshop. Attendees were provided with problem statements to brainstorm and present solutions, fostering connections and teamwork to deliver the best outcomes.

After the Collaboration of NTT DATA as a diamond sponsor with Bengaluru Dreamin’ Amir Durrani EVP of Applications, BPO., and Configured Platforms at NTT DATA North America quoted saying "We have a strategic working alliance with Salesforce. Our association with Bengaluru Dreamin’—an event that epitomizes the convergence of imagination and innovation into tangible outcomes—underscores our dedication to the Salesforce community."


Amir further added, "Our collaboration is of relentless innovation, which empowers us to bring integrated and advanced solutions to the market. As pioneers and co-creators of novel approaches, we are identifying future trends and spearheading initiatives that have yet to be seen in the industry."


Bengaluru Dreamin' is also supported by a few more sponsors like Provar, Critical River, Testsigma, UST, Aekot, Springfield, 360 degree Cloud Technologies, blue5green, Appstrail, Winfomi, Briskminds and Ethnus.


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