Coforge Introduces Orion: A Self-Service Solution Powered by Gen AI

Coforge Limited has launched Coforge Orion, a self-service solution driven by Gen AI. This offering is designed to enhance customer experiences across diverse industries.

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Coforge Introduces Orion A Self-Service Solution Powered by Gen AI

Coforge Launches Orion Powered by Gen AI

Coforge Limited, a global provider of digital services and solutions, has unveiled Coforge Orion, an autonomous self-service solution driven by Gen AI. This innovative offering is designed to elevate customer experiences across diverse industries.


Coforge Orion has a notable progression in customer engagement by harnessing generative AI for seamless interactions. It automates both outbound and inbound calls, fostering proactive engagement, intelligent responses, and autonomous actions. It represents a transformative shift from traditional automation methods.

In contrast to scripted communication methods, Coforge Orion utilizes AI algorithms to engage in natural conversations, dynamically adapting to each interaction. This enables businesses to streamline communication processes while cultivating deeper connections with customers.

Vic Gupta, Executive Vice President at Coforge, explained, "Coforge Orion is an enterprise-grade AI solution designed for bi-directional human-like conversations, supporting sales, marketing, and customer service functions. It leverages language models for automated outbound calls and generative AI for speech-to-text and text-to-speech interactions."


Coforge Orion revolutionizes businesses by enhancing customer experiences and streamlining operations with generative AI. Intelligent virtual agents, available round the clock, provide customers with multilingual support and seamless interactions across channels like WhatsApp and SMS.

Businesses benefit from integration with CRM systems and third-party APIs, while autonomous agents tackle challenges such as error rates and training efforts, ensuring optimized performance and efficiency. With Coforge Orion, organizations can deliver exceptional service while maintaining operational excellence, thereby driving sustained growth and customer satisfaction.

Having already demonstrated success in pilot programs, Coforge Orion is custom-tailored for industries such as travel, banking, insurance, and healthcare. It provides a comprehensive solution designed to enhance customer interactions and propel business growth across diverse sectors.

By leveraging advanced AI technology, Coforge Orion enables seamless and intuitive engagements, catering to the unique needs and demands of each industry it serves. With its proven track record, this innovative solution offers a transformative approach to customer engagement, empowering organizations to build stronger relationships with their customers while achieving sustainable business expansion.

Whether in travel, banking, insurance, or healthcare, Coforge Orion stands as a beacon of efficiency and effectiveness, driving forward the evolution of customer service and business excellence in the modern landscape.

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