CrowdStrike, Allot, Armis, Cisco won Customer Value Awards 2024

Frost & Sullivan has awarded the 2024 Customer Value Leadership Awards to CrowdStrike, Allot, Armis, and Cisco. These awards underscore their achievements in their specific domains.

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Customer Value Awards 2024

Customer Value Leadership Awards 2024

The cybersecurity landscape is changing with increasing threats, and several companies have been recognized for their significant contributions to customer value through advanced solutions. Frost & Sullivan has awarded the 2024 Customer Value Leadership Awards to CrowdStrike, Allot, Armis, and Cisco. These awards highlight their excellence in specific domains: CrowdStrike in cloud security, Allot in consumer security for communication service providers (CSPs), Armis in operational technology (OT) cybersecurity, and Cisco in security service edge (SSE) solutions.


CrowdStrike received the 2024 Global Customer Value Leadership Award for Best Practices in Cloud Security. The company was recognized for its single, unified platform that simplifies and scales cloud security. CrowdStrike Falcon Cloud Security offers global protection from code to cloud, enabling customers to consolidate point products and prevent cloud breaches.

According to the CrowdStrike 2024 Global Threat Report, cloud exploitation cases increased by 110% over the past year, with adversaries becoming more focused and persistent. To stop cloud breaches, a modern approach to protection is required, addressing cloud security risks comprehensively. CrowdStrike Falcon Cloud Security offers a complete Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) on the market today in a single, unified platform.

This approach allows customers to secure and stop all cloud threats and attack surfaces across infrastructure, workloads, applications, APIs, and data. This unified strategy is a key reason organizations choose CrowdStrike to replace siloed cloud security products, contributing to CrowdStrike's significant growth in the cloud security sector.


“CrowdStrike’s unified cloud-native security platform’s integrated approach, along with a focus on breach prevention and proactive support, delivers seamless customer support and experience, setting it apart from competitors,” said Anh Tien Vu, Industry Principal, of Global Cybersecurity Research at Frost & Sullivan. “By enhancing its security technology capabilities, gaining customer trust, and maximizing the value of its solutions, CrowdStrike has become a popular cloud security choice among organizations, boosting the adoption of its solutions and revenue growth over the last few years to become a leader in the competitive cloud security industry.”

“Adversaries are aggressively targeting cloud environments and traditional cybersecurity tools are not enough to help customers battle these persistent threats,” said Raj Rajamani, head of products, at CrowdStrike. “Only CrowdStrike delivers visibility, prevention, and remediation across the entire cloud estate in a unified platform to stop cloud breaches. Frost & Sullivan’s acknowledgment of the value Falcon Cloud Security provides customers further validates our cloud security leadership and commitment to securing the cloud across every industry and region.”

Frost & Sullivan has recognized Allot as the 2024 Customer Value Leader in the SOHO and consumer space for its contribution to communication service provider (CSP) security.


In awarding Allot, Frost & Sullivan's panel of research analysts highlighted that Allot's consumer security services offer better protection and ease of use than competing solutions. The analysts noted that Allot's solution integrates more easily into customer applications and websites, providing a superior customer experience. Additionally, Allot was commended for its innovation, market performance, and forward-looking approach.

“Needless to say, we are thrilled that our CSP consumer security services solution, Allot Secure, was singled out on its merits. This award correlates with the praise that we receive from our CSP customers for Allot Secure and with our market-leading position in network-native consumer-oriented security services,” said Vered Zur, CMO at Allot.

Furthermore, Armis has received the prestigious 2024 Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award for Global OT Cybersecurity Solutions. “This recognition holds special significance for us, reaffirming Armis’ unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value to our customers and our position at the forefront of innovation and growth in the OT cybersecurity industry.”


“According to the 2024 Customer Value Leader in the Global OT Cybersecurity Solutions Industry report, Armis is making waves with two distinctive products tailored for the OT space: Armis Centrix for OT/IoT Security, providing critical visibility into customer environments, and Armis Centrix Vulnerability Prioritization and Remediation, delivering actionable mitigation for enterprises. The complementary nature of these solutions allows our clients to manage the entire cyber exposure risk management lifecycle effectively,” said Yevgeny Dibrov CEO and Co-Founder, of Armis in a blog post. 

Danielle VanZandt, Frost & Sullivan Industry Manager - Commercial & Public Security notes, “The flexible design and scalability highlights how the Armis Centrix products are not a one-size-fits-all, but align with the needs of each customer, allowing them to make more informed decisions.”

Cisco Secure Access has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the 2024 Customer Value Leader in the Global Security Service Edge Industry.


“This expert analyst award is a testament to both our commitment to innovation and our unique ability to partner with security leaders to navigate the complexity of securing cloud environments.”, said David Gormley Manager, Cisco Cloud Security Cloud Security Team, in a blog post.

These award-winning companies are focused on delivering cybersecurity innovations and providing significant value, support, and customer experiences. Their solutions help organizations manage risks and build cyber resilience as cyber threats increase. These recognized leaders offer advanced protection, consolidated functionalities, and strong customer experiences, reinforcing their positions as industry leaders in an increasingly challenging cyber landscape.



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