CrowdStrike and TCS Announce Global Cybersecurity Partnership

CrowdStrike and TCS have announced a partnership. The collaboration is expected to leverage the Falcon platform’s comprehensive security features, which include cloud security and advanced SIEM.

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CrowdStrike and TCS Announce Global Cybersecurity Partnership.

CrowdStrike and TCS Partnership

In a recent development in the cybersecurity sector, CrowdStrike and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) have announced a partnership. This partnership is set to enhance TCS’ managed detection and response services with the integration of the CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform.


The collaboration is expected to leverage the Falcon platform’s comprehensive security features, which include cloud security and advanced SIEM, to facilitate a transformation in security operations centers (SOC) powered by artificial intelligence, with the primary goal of preventing security breaches.

The current landscape of cyber threats is characterized by an escalation in both the rate and complexity of attacks, making it imperative for organizations to adopt security solutions that are designed to halt breaches effectively. The past year has seen a significant uptick in cloud security incidents, with a 75% increase, and the time frame within which attacks progress has been reduced to mere minutes.

Additionally, the cybersecurity industry is facing a shortage of skilled professionals. In this context, managed security services are emerging as a critical component for organizations, enabling them to defend their vital assets and proceed with digital transformation endeavors securely. 


The synergy between TCS’ global network of skilled practitioners and the extensive capabilities of the Falcon platform, which includes CrowdStrike Falcon Cloud Security and CrowdStrike Falcon Next-Gen SIEM, aims to offer customers a robust defense mechanism against the threat of security breaches.

“TCS has been partnering with enterprises across the globe for over 20 years to protect their businesses. As the attack surface evolves, enterprises must secure their digital core with robust cybersecurity to grow and innovate,” said Ganesa Subramanian Vaikuntam, vice president and Global Head, of Cybersecurity Business Group, TCS. “Our partnership with CrowdStrike bolsters our capabilities to offer stronger cyber defense to our customers and protect them from modern, sophisticated cyber threats.”

“The Falcon platform has set the global standard, becoming cybersecurity’s AI platform of choice for businesses. This partnership brings CrowdStrike closer to customers, empowering TCS’s large, global footprint to modernize, innovate, and standardize on the Falcon platform,” said Daniel Bernard, chief business officer, of CrowdStrike.


“Stopping the breach, consolidating point products, and driving down costs – CrowdStrike’s collaboration with TCS exemplifies our partner-first approach to platform success, delivering the very best outcomes for customers with the partners they trust to design, deploy, and operate their cybersecurity programs,” he added.


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