Dassault Systèmes Announces AAKRUTI Global 2024 Expansion

Dassault Systèmes announced AAKRUTI Global 2024. AKRUTI Global 2024 provides the opportunity to develop innovative solutions for technological and social challenges.

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Dassault Systèmes announced AAKRUTI Global 2024

Dassault Systèmes announced that AAKRUTI Global 2024, an annual product design contest for engineering, design, and technology students in India, is expanding to 11 more countries: South Africa, Poland, Greece, Egypt, Spain, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Turkey, and Thailand. AAKRUTI Global 2024 provides students with an opportunity to develop innovative solutions for technological and social challenges.


The theme for AAKRUTI Global 2024 focuses on sustainable products for human wellness, sustainable habitat and city infrastructure, green energy generation, transmission, and storage, and sustainable mobility.

The contest includes three stages: preparing product design, initial design concept submission, and final product submission. Participants will create projects virtually using Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This competition exposes students to the latest technologies and trends through Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio and SOLIDWORKS applications.

Established in the year 2011, AAKRUTI 2024 is inviting students from engineering, design, architecture, management, social sciences, and medical sciences to join this international event. Registration for AAKRUTI Global 2024 has started. It includes the initial design concept submission and the final product design submission, closing on September 6, 2024, leading up to the finals on November 15, 2024. The contest is supported by teams from Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Edu and SOLIDWORKS.


"At Dassault Systèmes, we are launching AAKRUTI 2024, which is expanding beyond India to 11 new countries. This contest is a unique platform for students to innovate and address global technological and social challenges. By leveraging our 3DEXPERIENCE platform, participants will gain experience in creating sustainable solutions for a better future. We are committed to nurturing the next generation of innovators and look forward to the groundbreaking ideas that will emerge from this international celebration of creativity and collaboration,” said Deepak NG, Managing Director, India, Dassault Systèmes.


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