Delhi Based Distributor helps Partner to Supply PCs

Delhi Based Distributor Iris Global helps Hyderabad Partner to Supply PCs worth Rs 8.60 Crores to High Court Telangana in a large deal to support the partner

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Delhi based IT Distribution Iris Global Services has supplied a major order for the state of Telangana through its Hyderabad partner Cluster Infotech. The company has supplied 2,000 All In One AIO PCs worth Rs 8.60 crore to augment and further working of E-courts under the state judicial system. The objective of the E-courts is to provide fast and prompt services to litigants, lawyers and the judiciary by computerisation that can enhance the enablement of the justice system.


Cluster Infotech is a 10 years old partner of Iris Global Services. It specialises in the Govt and federal projects. It has their HO at Hyderabad and branch office at Vijayawada. With strength of 22 personnel Cluster Infotech have made a revenue of Rs 47 crore in the FY 2023 – 24.

KV Rao, Director, Cluster Infotech said, “The order was issued by the Telangana High Court for the supply of 2,000 All in One PCs for augmentation of E-courts at the Telangana state. We supplied these products according to their suitability.

Iris Global made the supplies to their partner Cluster Infotech and all the site installation was completed in 3 weeks. Cluster will be running and maintaining the infrastructure for 5 years.


“We have a good relation going with Iris Global for the last 10 years. They have always made deliveries on time and have been helpful. Iris allowed us suitable credit whenever it was needed for special projects,” Rao added.

“The order for Acer AIO PCs is worth Rs 8.60 crores. It is a very prestigious  

order that has come to our partner Cluster Infotech from the Telangana High Court. Our team made the deliveries on time, while Cluster did the complete installation of 2000 PCs in a record 3 weeks’ time throughout state of Telangana and as per direction of the Telangana High court,” said Asgar Khan, Branch Manager, Hyderabad, Iris Global.

“I congratulate KV Rao and his team at Cluster Infotech for timely completion of the Telangana High Court order. Cluster is our valued Partner. They have a strong presence in State Govt sectors. Iris’ logistic and services are always ready to help them to make quick and efficient deliveries for their projects,” Sanjiv Krishen, CMD, Iris Global said.

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