Genesys Accelerates AI-Powered Experiences at Xperience 2024

Genesys introduced AI innovations. Genesys Cloud helps organizations foster better customer and employee relations and realize value in contact centers and other areas.

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Genesys Accelerates AI-Powered Experiences at Xperience 2024

Xperience 2024 - Genesys Introduced AI innovations

At Xperience 2024, the customer experience event, Genesys introduced several AI innovations. These advancements aim to enhance personalization, employee performance, and optimization for organizations. The Genesys Cloud platform has been augmented to support more relevant conversations and better management of customer journeys through improved insights and analytics.


Various challenges such as AI misconceptions, economic difficulties, and waning customer loyalty. Genesys integrates various AI technologies within Genesys Cloud to help organizations foster better customer and employee relations and realize value in contact centers and other areas.

The new features in Genesys Cloud are designed to usher in a new phase of experiences, bolstered by AI and human collaboration. Today’s announcement includes enhancements to Genesys Cloud AI that improve interactions with customers, increase employee productivity, and enable more extensive automation and analytics.

Genesys Cloud now also offers Journey Management, which assists organizations in creating, tracking, and understanding customer interactions to leverage Genesys Cloud AI for better automation, forecasting, and conversational intelligence. This understanding allows organizations to refine customer journeys, making experiences more tailored at every interaction point.


“AI is rapidly accelerating the future of customer engagement into orchestrated, fluid experiences that become true business differentiators,” said Tony Bates, Genesys Chairman and CEO. “With the transformative power of Genesys Cloud, its pervasive AI capabilities, and global reach, we believe no one is positioned better than Genesys to usher in the future, today.”  

Genesys Cloud AI Innovations:

Genesys Cloud AI’s customer base is growing, with the platform’s AI features generating significant revenue in the last quarter of 2024. Over 40% of Genesys Cloud customers utilize these AI features. Notable increases include automatic summaries and predictive routing, enhancing customer engagement. A significant portion of customers also employ speech and text analytics for workforce management.


The platform’s latest AI features aim to deepen insights, foster customer loyalty, and improve service experiences, while also enhancing employee efficiency. Real-time support for employees is provided through automated assistants, with further support for supervisors and administrators in development. Virtual Agents enable advanced self-service, and Empathy Detection offers analytics to improve employee-customer interactions. The Modern Agent Workspace provides agents with a tailored desktop for faster access to information.

Journey Management in Genesys Cloud:

Journey Management tools, including Journey Flows and Journey Analyser, are now available in Genesys Cloud. These tools offer organizations immediate access to analytics and visualizations for customer journey mapping. Insights gained are used to refine training and optimize customer interactions.


Following the acquisition of Radarr Technologies, Genesys Cloud has expanded its capabilities to include social media insights and interaction analysis. Customers can access Radarr’s features through the Genesys AppFoundry Marketplace ahead of full integration.

Carbon Neutral Operations:

Genesys has achieved carbon neutrality for Genesys Cloud operations, aligning with its sustainability goals. This milestone was reached through the use of energy-efficient services from AWS and investments in carbon credits. The company’s commitment to sustainability supports its global customer base and workforce.


Partnerships and Recognition: Genesys maintains its position in AI-powered experience orchestration through partnerships with leading companies. A recent collaboration with ServiceNow aims to enhance customer and employee experiences by integrating platform capabilities. At the Xperience event, Genesys recognized companies for outstanding business achievements through its Customer Innovation Awards.


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