Genpact Launches AI Innovation Center in Gurugram, India

Genpact has opened a new AI Innovation Center in Gurugram, India. This center is part of Genpact’s strategy to focus on AI and will serve as a hub for innovation.

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Genpact Launches AI Innovation Center in Gurugram, India

AI innovation Center, Gurugram

Genpact, a company that provides professional services and solutions, has opened a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Center in Gurugram, India. This center is part of Genpact’s strategy to focus on AI and will serve as a hub for innovation. It aims to provide an environment where employees can learn and develop AI-based solutions that support the growth of Genpact’s clients worldwide.


The AI Innovation Center is designed to be a place where Genpact’s team and its clients can come together to create new business strategies using AI. The center will allow clients to work closely with Genpact’s team, which has experience in business operations, data analysis, technology, and AI. This collaboration is expected to lead to the development of new solutions and capabilities. The center will also benefit from Genpact’s partnerships in the industry.

Piyush Mehta, CHRO, and Country Manager, India, Genpact said, “ Fostering a culture of learning, experimentation, and using the best of our partner ecosystem, we’re empowering our employees to become co-creators alongside AI. We believe data, technology, and AI, as well as our talent, are key to driving outcomes for our clients, and with this AI Innovation Centre, we’re embracing the future.” 

India is taking significant steps to enhance its capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI). The government has initiated the IndiaAI mission with a budget of $1.2 billion. The mission’s goals include enhancing skills and knowledge about AI, establishing research institutions, and creating policies for AI’s ethical use.


The AI Innovation Center established by Genpact is set to play a crucial role in this initiative. The center aims to make AI technology more accessible and to develop top-tier AI expertise within the country. This will be achieved by enabling Genpact’s workforce, which exceeds 125,000 individuals, to utilize cutting-edge technologies.

The center is designed to stimulate the employees’ natural inquisitiveness, business acumen, and commitment to delivering substantial results for their clients. Additionally, the center will encourage partnerships with leading organizations, such as NASSCOM, to support and expedite the growth of an AI ecosystem in India.

“Today, artificial intelligence is redefining the frontier for businesses, enabling them to transcend traditional human productivity limits and reimagine client interactions, efficiency, and capabilities,” said Debjani Ghosh, President, of Nasscom.

“India is at the forefront of this transformation, rapidly evolving into an AI-first nation - integrating the technology into the very fabric of its digital capabilities. The inauguration of Genpact’s AI Innovation Center is a step toward positioning India to cultivate world-class talent and R&D capabilities. This initiative not only showcases the technology industry in India’s commitment to becoming a global leader in AI but also demonstrates its potential to innovate and contribute to the global AI ecosystem.” he adds.

Genpact inaugurated its first AI Innovation Center in London last year, with plans to establish several additional centers worldwide in the upcoming months.