GoTo Announced the 2023 Partner Award Winners

GoTo announced the recipients of its 2023 Partner Awards, recognizing members of the GoTo Partner Network. This global network is committed to empowering customers.

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GoTo Announced the 2023 Partner Award Winners

GoTo Partner Awards 2023

GoTo unveiled the recipients of its 2023 Partner Awards, recognizing members of the GoTo Partner Network. This global network is committed to empowering customers with efficient, dependable, and user-friendly IT and unified communications solutions. 


The awards celebrate partners who have demonstrated exceptional performance and dedication in delivering value-added services and support to clients worldwide. Through their contributions, these partners have played a crucial role in enhancing the accessibility and effectiveness of GoTo's solutions, enabling businesses and individuals to accomplish more in their endeavors.

The awards serve as a testament to the collaborative efforts and shared commitment of GoTo and its partners toward driving innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction in technology and communications. 

The GoTo Partner Awards in India acknowledge partners specializing in selling GoTo Resolve and LogMeIn Rescue. These awards honor partners based on their sales performance in 2023, recognizing those who consistently deliver exceptional IT management, support, and hybrid work solutions to their customers through GoTo's offerings.


Winners were selected for their outstanding ability to meet client needs effectively and sustainably, reflecting their commitment to excellence in providing essential tools for modern workplaces. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and demonstrating expertise in deploying GoTo's solutions, these partners contribute significantly to enhancing organizational productivity and resilience in today's dynamic business landscape.

The awards underscore the pivotal role of partners in driving the adoption and success of GoTo's platforms, further strengthening the collaborative efforts to empower businesses with innovative technology solutions tailored to their evolving requirements.

“Over the last year, we have been lucky enough to work with some amazing Partners as they support their customers’ IT and business communications needs. We’re excited to recognize their outstanding efforts in 2023, and we applaud our winners’ hard work and dedication to elevating businesses with powerful solutions like GoTo Resolve that make IT easy,” said Michael Day, Vice President of Global Partner Sales at GoTo.


The full list of 2023 winners includes:


     Top Partner: Sonata Software Ltd


     Biggest Deal: DigitalTrack Solutions Pvt Ltd.

     Top Emerging Partner: Technologies Pvt Ltd

The GoTo Partner Network unveiled updates to its Partner Program, introducing new partner tiers and enriched benefits for its members. Partners now have access to tailored incentives, assured marketing development funds, specialized sales enablement resources, and additional perks, all meticulously crafted to support organizations in expanding their customer reach and fostering growth.

These enhancements aim to empower partners with the tools and resources necessary to identify, engage, and nurture their customer base effectively. By leveraging the updated Partner Program, partners can capitalize on strategic opportunities and strengthen their position in the market while delivering greater value to their clientele. The evolution of the program reflects GoTo's ongoing commitment to fostering collaboration and empowering its partners to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

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