HP Amplify Partner Conference 2024 - Enhanced Solutions introduced

Recently, HP at the 2024 Amplify Partner Conference, launched new services and solutions aimed at empowering partners to expand their services and software enterprises.

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HP Amplify Partner Conference 2024 - Enhanced Solutions introduced

HP Amplify Partner Conference 2024

At the 2024 Amplify Partner Conference, HP Inc. unveiled a range of new services and solutions aimed at empowering partners to expand their services and software enterprises. Noteworthy additions comprise HP WEX, the company's inaugural AI-driven digital experience platform; a fresh managed service for PCs; a print subscription service; and a streamlined good/better/best model for HP support packages. Additionally, HP introduced services and initiatives designed to prolong device lifespans and expedite the adoption of a circular economy. These innovations underscore HP's commitment to facilitating value creation and growth opportunities for its partners, consolidating its position as a leader in the technology sector.


“We are in the midst of a historic shift in the way people work,” said Dave Shull, President of HP Workforce Solutions. “Happy, motivated, and productive employees drive better business results, but creating work environments that enable and inspire a dispersed workforce is increasingly difficult. This is where our partners play a key role in supporting businesses that are going through transformations. Today, HP is introducing services and solutions ​that enable channel partners to deliver amazing work experiences to their customers while creating recurring revenue streams.”

HP Introduces Workforce Experience Platform (WEX™) at Amplify Partner Conference 2024

HP introduced Workforce Central last year, offering IT managers a comprehensive fleet management tool for discovering, configuring, monitoring, and managing HP devices centrally. Today marks a significant advancement with the launch of the Workforce Experience Platform (WEX™). This platform elevates our vision, empowering CIOs with an AI-enabled digital experience platform. WEX™ unleashes the workforce's full potential, fostering a transformation where employees become a formidable catalyst for growth, driving productivity and innovation across the organization.


WEX debuts with an intuitive user interface meticulously crafted to guarantee a smooth experience for customers, consolidating various services into a unified platform view. Beneath its surface lies a fresh suite of robust capabilities: persona-based recommendations, streamlined hardware monitoring, employee sentiment capture, TCO reduction, task automation, and enhanced security measures.

  • Optimized device investment with new persona-based AI models: By harnessing advanced AI capabilities, the WEX platform can provide personalized technology recommendations tailored to individual employee usage patterns and needs. This enhancement revolutionizes the conventional PC refresh cycle, optimizing efficiency and effectiveness in technology adoption.
  • Seamless integration with existing multi-OS and multi-vendor environments: In the near future, WEX will offer the capability to monitor endpoints across various operating systems and devices, encompassing computers, peripherals, printers, and videoconferencing equipment, irrespective of brand or manufacturer.
  • Collaboration with Microsoft to Supercharge WEX™ with AI: HP has recently become part of the Microsoft Copilot for Security partner private preview and will collaborate to integrate WEX with Copilot. This integration aims to automate tasks and optimize device uptime for employees, enhancing operational efficiency and security measures.
  • Improved employee engagement through ongoing employee sentiment tracking: WEX offers turnkey pulse surveys that can enhance IT organizations' capacity to consistently assess and improve employee satisfaction with their digital setup..
  • Reduced TCO and stronger security: WEX automates support requests, effectively lowering IT support costs. Furthermore, WEX utilizes HP Wolf Security to mitigate security risks, bolstering overall system security.

New Offerings to Accelerate a Circular Economy and Extend the Life of Devices


HP reaffirms its dedication to fostering a circular economy through novel initiatives aimed at prolonging the lifespan of devices. Today, HP introduced the Device Life Extension Service, an innovative program empowering customers to optimize their IT investments and diminish their carbon footprint. This service facilitates the enhancement of device performance and maximizes the lifespan of existing HP PCs. Customers can conveniently send their devices to HP's accredited partners and receive them back with revitalized performance and upgraded functionality. By offering such solutions, HP underscores its commitment to sustainability while assisting customers in realizing greater value from their technology investments.


Furthermore, HP has launched its inaugural Partner Certified Refurbishment program, enabling commercial customers to procure HP Partner Certified refurbished devices. These devices undergo a meticulous refurbishment process and undergo rigorous testing. Additionally, HP is extending its PC refurbishment program to include the United States market, broadening access to refurbished PCs for customers seeking quality and reliability at a reduced cost.


New and Simplified Services Make Selling Easier for Channel Partners

HP has simplified and optimized its service offerings to offer channel partners increased flexibility in constructing and implementing services that align with their own offerings at Amplify Partner Program 2024-

  • New Managed Device Services (MDS): Introducing a new, all-encompassing, and fully-managed PC service encompassing device configuration, management, onsite support, proactive monitoring, and fleet improvement recommendations. Additionally, HP provides a suite of software readily integrated with the service.
  • Enhanced Managed Print Services (MPS): HP is enhancing its Managed Print Services portfolio by integrating software solutions. Moreover, Managed Print Services now facilitates multi-country deal setup.
  • New Managed Print Services (MPS) Subscription: HP is officially introducing Managed Print Services (MPS) Subscription, offering a straightforward and adaptable solution that facilitates printing from virtually any location. This is made possible through a low-commitment annual subscription model.
  • New Sales Toolkits – HP is simplifying the process for channel partners to market managed services through a new Sales Toolkit. This resource assists partners in developing and expanding their services businesses, streamlining sales efforts, and enhancing overall growth opportunities.
  • Radically Simplified Support Services Offerings -- HP is launching new, simplified support packages for HP Support Services, categorized as Essential, Premium, or Premium+ Support.
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