IAMCP India Celebrates Successful IAC 2024 in Goa

The India chapter of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) has declared the successful conclusion of the IAMCP Annual Conference 2024.

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IAMCP India Celebrates Successful IAC 2024 in Goa

IAMCP Annual Conference IAC 2024 Goa

The India chapter of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) has declared the successful conclusion of the IAMCP Annual Conference 2024. Set against the picturesque setting of Goa, this significant event united more than 110 Microsoft Channel Partners, alongside Microsoft leadership and distributors from various regions of the country.


Insightful Session at IAC 2024 in Goa -

During the conference, a wide array of sessions were conducted, encompassing vital topics relevant to the tech industry. Participants engaged in discussions revolving around the latest developments and trends in areas such as AI, Azure Marketplace, Microsoft Lighthouse, Mergers and Acquisitions, and beyond.

These sessions were designed to furnish partners with the insights and understanding necessary to capitalize on technological advancements and propel business growth. By exploring these subjects in depth, attendees gained valuable expertise and strategies to navigate the evolving landscape of the tech sector effectively.


During the business sessions, participants delved into practical insights covering various topics such as Go-To-Market strategies, incentive programs, and other essential aspects. These discussions aimed to maximize the benefits derived from Microsoft partnerships and to enhance business development.

Through exploring these topics, attendees sought to gain actionable strategies and tactics that could be implemented to drive growth and success within their respective organizations. By focusing on practical insights, the sessions provided valuable knowledge and guidance for navigating the complexities of partnership dynamics and leveraging opportunities for mutual benefit.

This collaborative exchange of ideas aimed to equip participants with the tools and resources necessary to effectively capitalize on their partnerships with Microsoft, ultimately contributing to their overall business objectives and success.


Networking Opportunities -

The IAMCP Annual Conference 2024 offered a unique platform exclusively for Microsoft Partners in India. Participants actively participated in meaningful discussions, exchanged experiences, and fostered enduring relationships. Notable executives from Microsoft India graced the event, providing valuable insights and updates to the attendees.

Key insights from the IAMCP leaders - 


Chetan Shah, President of IAMCP India, delivered the keynote address, discussing how IAMCP has facilitated the Microsoft community in forging partnerships and collaborations within the industry. He emphasized the significant growth of the India chapter and announced that IAMCP India has emerged as one of the fastest-growing IAMCP chapters worldwide.

Suresh Ramani highlighted the expansive global network of IAMCP members. Through utilizing IAMCP's worldwide and APAC connections, partners can extend their business presence internationally and develop inventive models to meet the needs of customers globally.

Keynotes by Microsoft Leaders at IAC 2024 in Goa -


Sadiq Pasha, Microsoft SMB Lead for India and South Asia, presented the keynote titled "The AI Moment," discussing AI, Microsoft CoPilot, and the myriad opportunities it presents for partners. In a separate session, Sadiq explored "Partner Earning Potential," highlighting Microsoft's incentive programs and the supplementary earning avenues available to Microsoft partners.

Sanjeev Sharma, Director of New ISV Partnerships at Microsoft India, presented a keynote titled "Optimizing Partner Opportunities with Azure Marketplace," spotlighting the Microsoft ISV program and its associated benefits.

Sanjeev Sharma, Director of New ISV Partnerships at Microsoft India, delivered a keynote titled "Maximizing Partner Potential through Azure Marketplace," focusing on the Microsoft ISV program and its advantages.


Shalabh Pradhan, GTM Manager for Security & Compliance at Microsoft, addressed a pertinent and engaging subject: "Navigating the Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 for Partners." He discussed the upcoming changes in India associated with the introduction of the DPDP Act.

Devendra Bansal, Head of the Tech Sellers Team at Microsoft, discussed the transformative impact of Microsoft Co-Pilot on the utilization of Microsoft products. He highlighted the remarkable shift in the IT user experience brought about by Microsoft Co-Pilot.

Keynote by Industry Leader -

Ajay Mian, Founder & CEO of Alletec, delivered a highly informative presentation titled "Navigating the Landscape: Big vs. Boutique." He explored his journey of establishing and leading his company to specialize as a Microsoft Bizapps partner, culminating in a successful IPO.


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