Ishan Technologies & Versa Networks partner to deliver SASE solutions

Ishan Technologies partners with Versa Networks, known for its AI/ML-powered Unified Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). This collaboration aims to introduce innovative managed SASE services in India.

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Ishan Technologies Versa Networks partner to deliver SASE solutions1

Ishan Technologies and Versa Networks Collaborate.

Ishan Technologies has forged a strategic partnership with Versa Networks, known for its AI/ML-powered Unified Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). This collaboration aims to introduce innovative managed SASE services in India. The primary goal is to assist organizations in various sectors to enhance their network security and performance.


This joint initiative stands out with Ishan's pledge to offer SASE services directly from instances hosted in Ishan DC1 in Mumbai. This strategic approach is set to redefine service delivery standards, offering unmatched benefits to customers while reaffirming its commitment to optimizing stringent SLAs.

Drawing on its established expertise in network services, system integration, data center, cloud, and cybersecurity solutions, Ishan Technologies is strategically poised to integrate Versa’s globally acclaimed SASE solution. This integration empowers Ishan to offer customers a seamless experience, consolidating service agreements and broadening its portfolio in the SASE domain.

In the dynamic digital environment, traditional security measures fall short of addressing the complexities of cloud storage and widespread mobility. Ishan and Versa collaborate to tackle this challenge by decentralizing security controls, ensuring robust protection and seamless access to organizational assets at the edge.


Ishan's Managed SASE Service, powered by Versa, is crafted to cater to the varied requirements of enterprise users, guaranteeing secure and scalable access to applications and data, irrespective of user location or device. The term "managed" denotes the ease of on-demand services, eliminating the necessity for prolonged deployment procedures and maintenance challenges linked with traditional SASE infrastructure.

Recognized as a leader in the SASE realm by Gartner, Versa brings its cutting-edge technologies to bolster Ishan’s extensive security portfolio. This partnership introduces a novel managed secure networking solution, merging SASE with 24x7 monitoring services, to facilitate the digital transformation of enterprise clients throughout India.

Pinkesh Kotecha, Chairman, and Managing Director of Ishan Technologies, said, “Being recognised as Versa’s inaugural SASE Managed Services has opened a crucial avenue for Ishan Technologies. We understand the challenges posed by the surge in cyber-attacks in India across sectors and our collaboration positions us to provide our customers with scalable and robust solutions. This ensures a cybersecurity framework that safeguards businesses in the digital realm. Looking forward, we envisage cybersecurity in India as a strategic catalyst, propelling growth and fostering innovation.”

Kumar Mehta, Co-Founder, and CDO of Versa, added, “Ishan’s technical expertise, commitment to innovation, and localized capabilities make them an ideal partner for Versa as we continue to expand our global footprint. Our combined strengths in managed services, networking, security, and cloud solutions will provide customers with more comprehensive and powerful ways to address their network security and access challenges.”

The collaboration between Ishan and Versa marks the dawn of a new era in cybersecurity excellence, empowering enterprises to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and resilience.

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