Juniper Networks Launches AI-Native Networking Solutions for Partners

Juniper Networks has launched the latest iteration of its global Juniper Partner Advantage (JPA) Program. These enhancements empower partners to harness AI for IT Operations (AIOps), facilitating the provision of managed networking services.

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Juniper Networks Launches AI-Native Networking Solutions for Partners

Juniper Networks - AI-Native Networking Solutions for Partners

Juniper Networks, an AI-Native Networking solutions provider, has unveiled the latest iteration of its global Juniper Partner Advantage (JPA) Program. These enhancements empower partners to harness AI for IT Operations (AIOps), facilitating the provision of managed networking services.


This initiative aims to enhance reliability, agility, and scalability, thereby enabling partners to unlock fresh revenue streams. Additionally, it equips customers with solutions that prioritize a consistent experience-centric approach across their networking infrastructure, ensuring heightened satisfaction and efficiency.

Juniper's JPA Program expansion includes the introduction of the Partner Assured designation, aimed at partners with robust Juniper practices. This designation offers third-party validation from Information Security Systems International (ISSI), affirming partners' capabilities across the customer lifecycle.

By providing partners with cutting-edge AIOps tools and verifying superior customer outcomes and reduced operational costs, Juniper's Partner Assured designation accelerates partner profitability. This initiative underscores Juniper's commitment to empowering partners with the tools and recognition needed to thrive in the dynamic landscape of networking solutions.


“By offering world-class partner programs alongside a suite of innovative and secure AI-Native Networking solutions, Juniper sets the foundation for partners to unleash their value, speed, and scale,” said Gordon Mackintosh, Group Vice President, Juniper Partner Organization at Juniper Networks.

Juniper Partner Advantage 2024 program highlights include:

Managed Network Provider Designation: Juniper has revamped its Managed Service Provider (MSP) designation, experiencing a 44 percent increase in partner recipients last year. This transformation integrates new AI capabilities aimed at enhancing customer service and boosting partner profitability.


New Advisor Designation: The fresh Advisor designation acknowledges partners for their influence on customer decisions and their role in optimizing customer success.

Environmental Sustainability: With an increasing demand for partners proficient in sustainability as a compliance necessity, Juniper enhances partners' capability to drive sustainable outcomes through the JPA. This initiative motivates our partners, in collaboration with our customers, to advance towards crucial climate objectives such as decarbonization, integration of sustainable technology, and the reduction and recycling of waste. By empowering partners to prioritize sustainability initiatives, Juniper aims to foster a more environmentally conscious approach within the industry, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Recognizing Vertical Expertise: Juniper is enhancing the Juniper Partner Advantage (JPA) program by recognizing partners' vertical expertise. This update allows acknowledgment of partners who possess robust vertical Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies and demonstrate proficiency in meeting the specific demands of these industries.


Enriched Partner GTM Engagement: This program fosters collaboration by providing account mapping, GTM concierge services, investments, and dedicated planning throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Deal Central Dashboard: This new tool consolidates Juniper partner deals, quotes, and marketing leads, simplifying the deal registration process. It empowers partners to respond within two hours for 80 percent of commercial deals and within six hours for strategic deals valued at less than $250K.

Through the Juniper Partner Advantage Program and its cutting-edge AI-Native Networking Platform, Juniper remains dedicated to aiding partners in optimizing performance, productivity, and profitability. Following a remarkable 233 percent growth in participants year over year (YoY), Juniper has expanded its Champions Program.


This expansion aims to provide participating partners with increased scale and expertise through a robust extended sales force, equipped with strong Juniper acumen to support mutual customers effectively. Moreover, as partners invest further to enhance their technology proficiency, there has been a notable 20 percent YoY sales growth for partners with three or more Juniper specializations. Collaborating closely with its partners, Juniper is committed to delivering speed, scale, and value to its customers, ensuring that every connection counts.

Insights shared by Black Box, Presidio, and Nomios Netherlands -

 “Juniper’s innovative approach to AI-driven networking and the recent enhancements to the JPA program, helps us to differentiate our as-a-service offerings to support our customers across the entire customer lifecycle while providing us with opportunities to accelerate profitability,” said Jim McKenna, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Black Box.

“Customers turn to Presidio’s Managed Services for our team's expertise and to strategically complement their organizations and manage their day-to-day infrastructure. Partnering with Juniper for their industry-leading AIOps enables us to build out a comprehensive offering to our customers with tangible results,” stated Norm Egan, Vice President of presales, Presidio.

 “The new Partner Assured designation provides an incredible opportunity for us to differentiate our customer offerings through third-party assurance of our capabilities to deliver exceptional outcomes across the entire customer lifecycle. This new designation, combined with our GTM approach and Juniper’s market-leading AIOps, create a compelling offering for our customers,” said Mohamed El Haddouchi, Managing Director, Nomios Netherlands and Group CTO.

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