Kaspersky Shares Insights from Global Partner Conference

Global Partner Conference in Budapest, Kaspersky has shared insights into cybersecurity partnerships from the partners' perspectives. Reportedly, Cybersecurity partners play a key role in the ecosystem.

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Kaspersky Shares Insights from Global Partner Conference

Kaspersky Global Partner Conference

Cybersecurity is a critical concern for organizations of all sizes and industries. As cyber threats become more complex, businesses increasingly rely on cybersecurity vendors for solutions to protect their sensitive data. However, no single vendor can address these challenges alone, which highlights the importance of strategic partnerships. Following its recent Global Partner Conference in Budapest, Kaspersky has shared insights into cybersecurity partnerships from the partners' perspectives.


Strategic partnerships in cybersecurity benefit vendors, partners, and customers. Cybersecurity partners play a key role in the ecosystem by allowing global vendors to share expertise, educate clients on cyber hygiene, and protect businesses worldwide. This enables customers globally to leverage vendors' expertise and resources through partner networks to enhance their cybersecurity and protect against evolving threats.

The partners themselves best explain the benefits for partners. In April, the Global Partner Conference was held in Budapest, Hungary, attended by 100 of Kaspersky’s partners from over 40 countries. During the conference, an awards ceremony for partners took place. Sebastián Rebollar, CEO at Quick Supplies in Argentina, was awarded "Partner of the Year" and shared his insights.

 “The key to a successful partnership lies in close collaboration and alignment with the vendor’s market strategy. Understanding the vendor’s objectives enables us to take precise and effective action, fostering successful business development. Kaspersky’s program empowers us to enhance knowledge levels in our IT and sales teams, leading to more informed proposals for cybersecurity solutions.” 


Carlos Araújo López, CIO & CISO at Grupo Sermicro in Spain, awarded “MSP Partner of the Year” at the conference, added: 

“Kaspersky’s partner program is a true win-win proposition, providing us with the best technology and comprehensive support to generate business. Sermicro receives resources and training to effectively engage with customers, educate them about cybersecurity threats, and promote Kaspersky’s solutions. Both Sermicro and Kaspersky recognize the importance of transparency in managing the opportunities that arise from new projects. This transparency fosters trust, open communication, and aligned goals, ensuring that both parties work together effectively to achieve success.” 

A tailored approach to each partner is essential for successful cooperation.  


Resellers, distributors, system integrators, VARs, MSPs, MSSPs, and other partners serve as trusted advisors and valuable allies in the fight against cyber threats. When the number of partners grows, the complex partnership structure requires a more tailored approach covering the needs and expectations of each type of partner. Hence, every global cybersecurity vendor should consider molding their partner programs to fit partners’ business models. For example, Kaspersky made an update like this in its United partner program at the beginning of 2024. With this improvement, four separate business model-focused streams became available for those selling, deploying, and providing managed services, or building solutions with the vendor’s products.

Support and strategy specialized for regional features also contribute to a comprehensive tailored approach. Every decision-maker knows: that if you maintain a global presence for your company, you must always customize its business strategy for every region according to local needs and situations.

“When adopting cybersecurity technology to our portfolio, we don’t just consider the vendor’s brand image and competitive product pricing, but we also look at local manufacturer support. Having a local presence for the manufacturer ensures prompt and effective support in case there are any issues or technical queries,” said Carlos Araújo López, CIO & CISO at Grupo Sermicro. “Additionally, direct communication with international product managers allows us to convey market needs and feedback first-hand, ensuring that the technology evolves to meet the demands of our customers and effectively addresses their specific security challenges and requirements. In summary, we prioritize Kaspersky as it combines all the parameters we need in a cybersecurity partnership”


Support and involvement are important for successful partnerships. Robust sales, marketing, and technical support are essential in every cybersecurity partnership. Comprehensive support from the vendor ensures that partners have the necessary resources to succeed.

Carlos Araújo López, CIO & CISO at Grupo Sermicro commented:We feel 100% supported by Kaspersky in all our efforts to introduce the technology to our customers. Sermicro has access to marketing funds, technical expertise, sales enablement, marketing resources, and support to reach a wider audience. Semicro appreciates Kaspersky’s unwavering support in their endeavors to present the technology to their customers.”

Sebastián Rebollar, CEO at Quick Supplies added “Additionally, Kaspersky’s support at events and demand generation has significantly improved our lead conversion rates. Collaboration with Kaspersky has been crucial in the success of our recent projects, highlighting the exceptional coordination between management, sales, and technical teams. We are honored to be awarded Partner of the Year by Kaspersky. This award crowns a great joint effort in a complex year for our country which resulted in our ability to sell and implement one of the largest projects within one of the most important entities of the Argentine government.


In conclusion, Inna Nazarova, Head of Channel at Kaspersky said: “At Kaspersky, we recognize the invaluable contributions that our partners have made when helping organizations navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape. Through our Kaspersky United partner program, we empower partners with extensive training, marketing support, co-selling opportunities, and cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.” She added: “Leveraging our partners’ expertise and global reach, customers can be sure that our top products such as our newest Kaspersky Next product line and SD-WAN, as well as a wide range of services, are available to them in every corner of the world, with localized support in their time zones and native languages. Together with our partners, we are committed to delivering unparalleled cybersecurity protection and helping organizations stay one step ahead of cyber threats.” 


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