KPMG India, Cisco Partner for Digital Transformation

KPMG in India and Cisco have announced a strategic alliance that aims to offer a wide range of services to Indian organizations. This alliance assists businesses in navigating complex business landscapes and expediting digital transformation efforts.

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KPMG India, Cisco Partner for Digital Transformation

KPMG and Cisco Partner for Digital Transformation

KPMG in India, a professional services firm, and Cisco, a global enterprise in networking and security, have unveiled a strategic alliance aimed at offering comprehensive services to Indian organizations. This collaboration intends to assist businesses in navigating intricate business landscapes and expediting digital transformation endeavors. 


By leveraging their combined expertise, KPMG and Cisco aim to equip organizations in India with tailored solutions to address diverse challenges and seize opportunities in an increasingly digital environment.

In today's landscape, businesses are reassessing their IT strategies, moving towards integrated frameworks centered on business outcomes. This shift aims to facilitate faster, data-driven decision-making while enhancing performance and maximizing return on investment.

The strategic alliance between KPMG in India and Cisco harnesses KPMG's business acumen and Cisco's technological prowess to identify optimal product-service blends that seamlessly integrate into customers' IT architectures. This collaboration aims to develop pertinent and efficient solutions across various domains including cybersecurity, 5G, network and cloud transformation, contact center optimization, digital experience monitoring, and full-stack observability. These efforts are geared towards enabling customers to bolster their digital agility and competitiveness in today's rapidly evolving landscape.


“Together with Cisco, we aim to help our clients accelerate digital transformation in areas of 5G and cybersecurity and other allied areas. This alliance will give both firms access to complementary skillsets and an expanded market opportunity.  As we look to help customers identify, understand, address, and overcome the complex business challenges that arise when embracing new technology, our alliance will act as a beacon of trust complemented with trustworthy technology” said Yezdi Nagporewalla, Chief Executive Officer, KPMG in India

“Our goal is to help clients in their journey, towards becoming cost-efficient and profitable while ensuring the necessary agility needed to achieve their business objectives,” added Nagporewalla.

Akhilesh Tuteja, Partner and Head, Clients and Markets, KPMG in India said “Today businesses are looking for solutions that are simple, easy to deploy, agile and future ready. Not just that, they need to leap-frog from their current legacy business to new models enabled by the cloud and powered by disruptive technologies. For the same, they would need access to a diverse set of external skills and expertise from across the vendor ecosystem. The alliance between KPMG in India and Cisco will aim to help businesses understand the impact of digital on their strategy, products, services, customers, and employees, and assist in unlocking maximum value to gain a competitive advantage. Through the alliance, businesses can look at rapidly leveraging the complementary skills of KPMG in India and Cisco to navigate their digital transformation journey, enhance client value, and help clients mitigate challenges that come with legacy transition.”

Daisy Chittilapilly, President, of Cisco India & SAARC, said “As a digital-first India takes shape, the promise of technology has never been so clear. As new use cases continue to emerge, customers today are asking for solutions that are not only digital; they must also be secure, intelligent, and sustainable. To foster customer success and unlock possibilities in the new world, we are delighted to partner with KPMG in India. Together we will provide solutions with the simplicity, agility, and resiliency businesses require to power an inclusive and sustainable future for all.’’

Panish PK, Managing Director, Partner Business Group, of Cisco India and SAARC said "As technology fuels how we live, work, consume, and connect, digital experiences have become a critical customer touchpoint. We are excited to partner with KPMG in India to provide solutions that not only navigate the complexities of today's digital landscape but also pave the way for a resilient future. With a focus on emerging technologies such as 5G, network transformation, observability, and cybersecurity, we aim to empower our customers with the tools they need to unlock new opportunities in the digital-first world and enhance their competitiveness in the global market."

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