Netskope App launched for ServiceNow for Threat and Data Protection

Netskope has launched the Netskope App for ServiceNow. The app aims to streamline workflows related to threat and data protection by incorporating features like real-time user coaching.

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Netskope App launched for ServiceNow for Threat and Data Protection

Netskope App launched for ServiceNow

Netskope, a provider in the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) market, has launched the Netskope App for ServiceNow. This release marks an expansion of the partnership between Netskope and ServiceNow. The app aims to streamline workflows related to threat and data protection by incorporating features like real-time user coaching. This is intended to assist security operations (SecOps) and incident response (IR) teams in maintaining user productivity and business continuity during incident responses.


Legacy secure web gateways often restrict IT and security teams’ responses to user requests or threat incidents to merely allowing or blocking access based on the destination website. The Netskope App for ServiceNow, utilizing Netskope’s patented technology, enables the differentiation of user interactions with the internet.

This differentiation allows the app to support various workflows that automatically generate, oversee, and address events and incidents. This capability ensures that users stay connected and efficient with necessary business tools, which might otherwise be inaccessible, and it also aims to lessen the strain on IT departments by reducing the number of user-generated tickets.

Additionally, the app offers predefined and customizable workflows, providing administrators with a range of response options, such as restricting uploads or downloads, offering real-time user guidance, and requiring justifications, beyond the standard permissions and restrictions.


“This latest integration between Netskope and ServiceNow enables customers to go beyond the limitations of solely ‘block’ or ‘allow’ options and respond with a wide variety of continuously updated zero trust outcomes,” said David Willis, Vice President of Technology Alliances, Netskope.

“The Netskope App for ServiceNow helps admins manage a large number of findings ranging from ‘patient zero’ threats or a widespread data protection event using Netskope’s context-rich data directly from the ServiceNow dashboard. It puts the necessary details into the IT and SecOps admins’ hands to enforce and enable users based on correlated and investigated findings in ServiceNow.” he concluded.

The Netskope App for ServiceNow introduces new capabilities for administrators, enhancing the efficiency of incident response and management:

  • Ticketing Automation: The app automates the ticketing process, reducing the time required to respond to incidents and alerts. This is achieved by integrating ticketing with Netskope’s informed data.
  • Dashboard Management: Administrators can now handle threats and data protection events directly from the ServiceNow dashboard. This integration aims to decrease alert fatigue and operational expenses associated with switching between different interfaces.
  • Real-Time User Coaching: The app provides real-time guidance to users via email during IT service management processes. This feature offers a variety of response options for any alert triggered by a user, moving beyond the traditional binary decisions of allow or block.
  • Malware Assessment: It facilitates a near real-time evaluation of malware threats. The app can automatically correlate steps to pinpoint the initial source of an attack, known as ‘patient zero’.
  • SaaS Application Lookup: Administrators have access to immediate assessments of data protection postures for over 80,000 SaaS applications, allowing for swift evaluations and actions.

"This is an exciting development in our longstanding partnership with Netskope and represents a milestone in our shared mission to automate data privacy and security response workflows for our customers,” said Hareesh Namavarapu, Director of Product Management, Security Incident Response, ServiceNow. "With Netskope's insights seamlessly integrated into the Now Platform, our customers can orchestrate powerful security workflows and investigate alerts with greater efficiency for their organization.”

Netskope has a longstanding relationship with ServiceNow, offering extensive integrations that support efficient data exchange and action execution for security professionals.


The continuous integration encompasses plugins such as Threat Exchange, Ticket Orchestrator, and Application Risk Exchange. These plugins facilitate the sharing of threat intelligence, the management of incidents, and the analysis of application risks.

Furthermore, Netskope’s API Data Protection is accessible via ServiceNow, providing tools for the surveillance and protection of data across cloud applications. The integration with Azure AD SSO guarantees secure ServiceNow access, with advanced authentication administered through Azure AD.

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