A New ISV Incubation Centre in Kolkata

A New ISV Incubation Centre in Kolkata from Crayon Software Experts to help local ISVs and startups to navigate challenges around building and scaling digital solutions

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New ISV Incubation Centre in Kolkata from Crayon Software Experts

Crayon Software Experts India,  a provider of digital transformation services, has expanded its presence to the Kolkata market. With the inauguration of its regional office in Kolkata, it has launched its dedicated Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Incubation Centre. 


The Kolkata Incubation Centre is the second facility established to support ISVs, following the one in Bangalore in the last six months. This milestone marks Crayon's commitment to nurturing local ISVs and startups in developing cloud-based digital solutions tailored for public sector application areas such as agriculture, healthcare, utilities, smart infrastructure and edtech.

The ISV Incubation Centre will operate in Newtown, situated near the Silicon Valley and the newly constructed TCS office in West Bengal. With a footprint of 347 square feet, the centre is strategically positioned to serve as a hub for cloud innovation in the region, benefiting from its proximity to a thriving community of ISVs.

ISVs and startups often encounter numerous hurdles in their journey to create viable solutions for public sector challenges. These challenges include keeping pace with rapid technological advancements, selecting the appropriate technologies to leverage, minimising time-to-market; and ensuring robust governance and data security measures. Crayon's ISV Incubation Centre aims to address these obstacles by providing technical and business expertise to empower ISVs and startups at various stages of maturity. Through this initiative, Crayon aims to assist these entities in bringing their innovative ideas to fruition and scaling their solutions to meet the needs of public sector organisations, thereby enhancing the delivery of citizen services.


At the ISV Incubation Centre, participants will receive comprehensive support to realise their business visions using Cloud technologies and accelerate the deployment of their solutions to customers. This support encompasses various aspects, including formulating Cloud business strategies, migrating infrastructure, developing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, harnessing advanced Cloud capabilities such as AI and ML; and devising effective go-to-market strategies. Additionally, through a structured program spanning approximately six to nine months, participants will benefit from mentorship, training, and networking opportunities aimed at accelerating their growth and market readiness.

"We recognise India's position as a thriving hub for startups, with a wealth of talent and innovative ideas poised to address critical public sector challenges," said Vikas Bhonsle, CEO, Crayon Software Experts India. "Through the establishment of our ISV Incubation Center, we are leveraging Crayon's extensive experience to support these companies in realising their potential. We are excited about the opportunities this initiative will unlock for local ISVs and startups, and we look forward to collaborating with them on their journey to success."

Abhay Joshi, Director, Product Strategy, Crayon Software Experts India, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, stating, "The ISV Incubation Center marks a transformative milestone in our commitment to fortify the burgeoning ecosystem of Indian startups and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). With India’s startup landscape being one of the most vibrant globally, boasting over 127,433 startups as of April 2024, our center is poised to play a crucial role. We pledge to equip these trailblazers with an array of resources and unwavering support, which is vital for their triumph in crafting and scaling bespoke digital solutions that cater to the diverse and dynamic Indian market."


Debashis Sen, Ex Chief Secretary (IT&E), Former IAS officer and alumni of ENA France, shared his insights on the initiative, emphasising its importance for sustainable growth. "As someone deeply involved in the development of Smart City New Town for 15 years, I understand the significance of initiatives like the ISV Incubation Center in fostering innovation and driving sustainable development. I commend Crayon for their commitment to supporting local ISVs and startups in leveraging digital technologies to address societal challenges."

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