Nvidia transcends Google as Third Most Valuable US Company

Nvidia has surpassed Alphabet, Google's parent company. The surge in demand for Nvidia's chips is fueled by the growing interest in AI. It is ranked third in the US in terms of value.

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Nvidia transcends Google as Third Most Valuable US Company

Nvidia surpassed Alphabet, Google's parent company.

Nvidia, ranked third in the US in terms of value, has surpassed Alphabet, Google's parent company. The surge in demand for Nvidia's chips, fueled by the growing interest in artificial intelligence, led to a remarkable increase in the company's stock value. During trading, Nvidia's market capitalization peaked at a record $1.83 trillion, narrowly exceeding Alphabet's $1.81 trillion.


This shift underscores the profound impact of artificial intelligence on technology markets and reflects Nvidia's pivotal position in supplying chips essential for AI-driven applications. The company's ascent highlights the evolving landscape of technology and underscores the growing importance of hardware in supporting advancements in artificial intelligence.

As Nvidia continues to innovate and meet the demand for AI technologies, its market performance reflects the increasing significance of AI in shaping the future of industries and economies.

Alphabet's stock remained stable, leading to a slightly increased valuation of $1.810 trillion. In the previous trading session, the company's stock rose by 1.5%, reaching $1.807 trillion.


Following a decline in ChatGPT usage, Nvidia emerges as a primary beneficiary in the technology industry's pursuit of integrating AI into offerings. Its recent stock surge follows a session where its market capitalization exceeded Amazon's for the first time in twenty years. This underscores Nvidia's prominence in supplying AI-related solutions amid heightened industry demand for such technologies.

Nvidia commands approximately 80% of the high-end AI chip market, propelling its stock to rise by 47% this year, following a more than tripling in value during 2023. The company's dominance creates challenges for customers who encounter shortages of its premium components.

Additionally, AI developers contend with lengthy waiting lists extending over months to access their processors via cloud-computing providers. This scarcity underscores the robust demand for Nvidia's cutting-edge technology, driven by the expanding applications of artificial intelligence across various sectors. The company's market leadership underscores its pivotal role in powering AI-driven innovations and highlights the critical need for efficient supply chain management to address demand surges effectively.


As Nvidia continues to shape the landscape of AI technology, addressing supply chain challenges will be crucial to meeting the evolving needs of its customers and sustaining its market growth trajectory.

As of 2024, Nvidia's market capitalization stood at $1.8 trillion, significantly surpassing Intel's valuation of $185 billion. Currently, as Nvidia's stock rapidly approaches the $2 trillion mark, the company's worth has escalated to $65.3 billion.

Nvidia's market capitalization has surged to unprecedented levels following reports earlier this month that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is discussing with investors, including the UAE, to secure funds for a technology initiative. This initiative aims to enhance the global chip-building capacity and bolster its capacity to drive artificial intelligence applications. The project may necessitate raising funds ranging from $5 trillion to $7 trillion.

Since January 1, Nvidia has increased its market capitalization by $650 billion, surpassing the entire market capitalization of Tesla. From October 2022, Nvidia has witnessed a remarkable surge, adding $1.5 trillion to its market capitalization.

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