OpenAI Becomes a Member of C2PA Steering Committee

C2PA has recently included OpenAI in its steering committee. OpenAI's Participation in C2PA Aims to Enhance Transparency and Foster Trust in the Digital Ecosystem.

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OpenAI is now a part of the C2PA steering committee.

The Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) has recently included OpenAI in its steering committee. OpenAI is recognized for its contributions to artificial intelligence research and application. This development is a key event for the C2PA and supports its objective to foster transparency in digital media amidst the growing presence of AI-generated content.


OpenAI joins a group of steering committee members comprising Adobe, BBC, Intel, Microsoft, Google, Publicis Groupe, Sony, and Truepic. The collaboration will focus on the enhancement and promotion of Content Credentials. These credentials are part of the C2PA’s open technical standard that provides tamper-evident metadata for digital content, indicating the content’s creation and modification details.

This announcement builds upon OpenAI’s ongoing efforts to promote digital content transparency. Previously, OpenAI initiated the attachment of Content Credentials to images generated and edited by its image model, DALL•E 3, within ChatGPT and the OpenAI API. Furthermore, OpenAI has revealed plans to apply Content Credentials to video outputs from its text-to-video model, Sora, upon its public release.

OpenAI’s commitment to implementing Content Credentials reinforces the C2PA technical standard. It also contributes to the broader mission of enhancing trust within the digital environment. The partnership aims to provide a framework that ensures the authenticity of digital media, which is increasingly important as AI technologies become more integrated into content creation processes.


The C2PA and its members, including OpenAI, are working towards establishing a reliable system that can verify the origins and alterations of digital content, thereby addressing concerns over misinformation and the integrity of online media. This initiative represents a collaborative effort to maintain the credibility of digital information in an era where AI plays a significant role in content generation.

“C2PA is essential in bringing the industry together to advance shared standards around digital provenance,” said Anna Makanju, OpenAI’s VP of Global Affairs. “We look forward to contributing to this effort and see it as an important part of building trust in the authenticity of what people see and hear online."

“OpenAI is a long-time supporter of the C2PA’s mission and we’re thrilled that they've deepened their engagement by becoming a Steering Committee member,” said Andrew Jenks, C2PA Chair. "OpenAI's existing adoption, advocacy, and ongoing commitment to Content Credentials will bring an important voice to our membership’s working efforts to guide the development of the C2PA standard.”



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